Monday, March 2, 2015

Really Really Short

Dear Everyone,

Something came up so,

This week will be really really short.

It was a stellar week except we were stuck in the house for a few days with Elder Chevalier sick.
This week Mariza was baptised.  She is doing really well.  We had to do her baptism really early before church because she was at a doctors appointment that went long with her kid on saturday.  We are super excited for her though.

We are working to make miracles happen here though.

Quick spiritual though.

Faith, in the words of a member after the study with left her with, Is the path that leads us to a certanty.  I know that is true.  That we can become what the Lord wants us to become through faith on Jesus Christ.  I invite Everyone to read the last 4 verses of Alma 13 and the last 5 of 3 Nephi 13.

Love you all.

Elder Sampson

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