Monday, March 16, 2015

Another Brief Week

Hey everyone!

This week past quickly!

Transfers came, and all 4 of us are still here the same.  It is going to be a good new transfer.

This week was branch conference.  Because of the construction, we had to go saturday and sunday before church to clean up everything.  When they do construction here, they just go instead of planning it out and stuff.  The conference was great though!  We had 60 people there which was a new reacord!!!

The big family with like 20 people had 6 that showed up.  Miricles everywhere.
It is normally very difficult to baptise older people, but the mom of this big family is awesome.  She is friends with the relief society president, and had a dream the night we asked her to pray.  She still has lots to learn, and it goes slowly, but she liked church.  She can not read, so we need to help her get a testimony of it through reading it to her.

One of her daughters is also progressing super well.  Full of Miracles.  She made a big financial mistake a bit ago, and so prayed and asked God to punish her, and He did immidiately, and so she asked for a way to change and get out of her suffering and we showed up.  After one of our lessons we went to leave and I went to give her 2 nephi 31 to read which talks about baptism, but felt inspired to leave 3 Nephi 11 so we did.  The next day we asked her what she learned.  She said she had learned about forgiveness and doing things not to be seen of men.  We were a bit confused because 3 nephi 11 talks about Christs visit, but she had read chapter 12 as well that talks about the sermon on the mount.  She told us she can´t be baptised yet because she still needs to forgive someone, and can´t be baptized if she isn´t willing to forgive.

Got to go,
But this week was full of miracles and suffering!

The Church is true!!!

Elder Sampson

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