Monday, March 30, 2015

What an Interesting Week


This last week started out with our apartment flooding when our water heater, which has been dripping 
for a few weeks, broke open and started gushing water out while we were out teaching.  Luckily, it broke 
like 10 or so minutes before we got home, so the appartment was only partially flooded, and although it 
took 2 and a half hours to get all the water cleaned up, nothing important was damaged, and it sent an 
important message to the owners of the house who replaced our water heater that has been bearly 
working a little for the last few months with a new one that works perfectly!  So, we have lots of Hot 
water again, which is a blessing.  I have been blessed on my mission to have lots of hot water.  Only 
about half of the missionary appartments here have hot water, and every house I have served in has had 
hot water.

I learned many things this week.  I learned that when we take up our crosses and follow Christ, we 
must be willing to pay a tolken of the price that he paid, and suffer a part of what he suffered.  When 
we go, we sometimes have to go alone, and sometimes have to learn to go with others.  As Neal A. 
Maxwell said at BYU once, that sometimes if God were to take away our pain and our trials when we 
ask Him to free us, it would destroy all progress until that point.  Sometimes, we have to have a new 
peak trial, which can not be removed until we get over it, which can only be possible in relying on the 
Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I know that this work is His, and that he lives.

I invite everyone to go and see this video, and ponder about what it 
means that He Lives.  I know that we dont understand all of the implications of his love, but we can learn.

This week we also had a training just for our district from President Mathews.  It was done in a half 
completed part of a half completed building, but it was still fantastic.  He talked about making goals, 
and working for them.  My life just got a lot more controled because of goals.  I know that the doctrines 
of Goal making are true.

I am soooo excited for general conference.  I literally cant wait.

Elder Sampson

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