Monday, November 25, 2013

No comp

First a note from Kristin:
Would you be willing to send Jared a Christmas card or letter?  They take about a month to arrive, which I why I am asking in November =).  There are two ways you can send mail to him.  The first is through the church's pouch mail.  You can only send one piece of paper (no envelope) folded into thirds.  You send it with one stamp on it.  This address is:

Elder Jared Sampson
Cape Verde Praia Mission
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT  84130

The second option to mail to Jared is by sending it through the regular postal service to his mission office.  You can send it regular mail for $1.10 (three stamps).  This way would accommodate a regular "Christmas card."  This address is:

Elder Jared Sampson
Missao Cabo Verde Praia
CP 420
Praia, Ilha de Santiago

Thank you!  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Dear Family and Friends,

This week was interesting still.

So since the beginning of the transfer (4 Weeks ago) elder jensen has had this headeche so I have been staying in and doing lots of divisions to try to work the area.  Pretty much the last 2.5 weeks I have been running the area alone.  We went to Mosteuros this week to the hospital on tuesday to see the results of the blood test, and the doctor hadnt come back so that was bad.  We had to go back wednesday too and the haice ride was terrible.  Some haices are better than others.  This one, imagine the worst most beat up minivan you have ever seen, then times that by 8 then cram a bunch of people in it and off road on the edge of giant cliffs.  Twas an adventure.  I sat on another Goat too, but this time, I didnt know it was there the first 20 mins of the ride until it made a noise.  The doctor called Pres Oliveira and told them that they knew nothing.  Elder Jensen Left today for Praia where he will see a specialist.  He was told to take all his stuff with him which means he probably wont come back.  I dont know what will happen to me but for now I will continue to do divisions with members all day, probably for the next two weeks until transfers happen.  That is my guess.  There is a chance I could get a mini missionary (someone from cape verde that is just trying out a mission, but hasnt been to the mtc or temple) but probably not.  I will probably just wait until transfers and then get a greenie.

This week Edson Muniz was baptized.  I would send pictures but the computer I am on doesnt have a slot and I forgot my usb converter (we are in sao filipe because this is where Elder Jensen and one other Elder took a boat to praia).  He is 16 years old and is the only real active male member in Figueira Pavao.  He will help us a lot.  We had the baptism in Sao Filipe as well because Relva didnt have water.

Speaking of water, we are out again.  I was hoping it would last at least until tomorrow because it am almost out of clothes, so I will probably just was them by hand when I have time in the next 2 days before I run out.  Joy.
So today we played soccer on a turf field and I got to run for the first time since Ive been here.  It was a small field, but bigger than the ones we usually play on.  I did two backflips, my first ones here, but they were both pretty bad.  I am out of practice.  

I am getting fat too here.  I think I am the fattest I have ever been in my life, which isnt that fat, but I miss running and healthy food all the time.  When you dont have much, you dont really get the choice of whole wheat or not, etc...  I dont think you can get lettuce in fogo either, and so I will have to wait for a while to eat a salad again.  Tear.  I try to excercise in our house every morning, but have been craving running all the time.  It ran around the soccer field this morning and that was great.  I hope I get a companion some time that likes running because I miss it and my body misses it.
This week I tried to help some members share the gospel.  It was rough and didnt make it that long. We did practice though with them.  I challenge everyone to practice sharing the gospel for FHE!  
Also, good luck to everyone in the musical on closing night.

I got the program from the choir concert a while ago and a great letter from my dear Aunt Cathy!

This weeks spiritual thought is that everything is for our good.  If you view everything as things to help you grow and recognize that all trials are blessings to help us grow, then you wont have problems.  This also relates to gratitude.  Be grateful always.  Dont be more grateful on thanksgiving day than any other day.  This means step up the other days and not be less thankful on thanksgiving.  Gratitude you wont find much in the scriptures or indexes of the scriptures because it is so closely related to humility.  Start today.  I feel like a sales pitch.. START TODAY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER.  BE MORE GRATEFUL AND HAVE MORE HUMILITY.  ALL BLESSINGS AND TRIALS ARE FROM GOD FOR OUR BENEFIT!

Well, thats probably it.  I feel like I am missing something I was going to talk about but that was probably most of it.

I love you all!

Elder Sampson

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello Family

Hello Everyone!
So this week was an adventure.  I went on a lot of divisions and stuff with members and marked a lot of dates for baptism.  There is this one house in Figueira Pavao which is pretty much a jack pot every time.  Every time I go up there there are new people and we teach a lesson with Tequinha who lives there and whoever else is at her house, and just mark dates for baptism and other appointments.   Fantastic.
So Monday last week we went to Mosterous to the Hospital.  Mosterous is sweet.  We chilled in the Library for a while because they have an america corner where all the books are in english and stuff.  It is pretty sweet.  Mosterous has the most past-american cape verdians of any city in Fogo. We talked with this guy in english (he is fluent becase he lived in America most of his life) about thanksgiving and he said that there, every thanksgiving the americans get together and cook a turkey and stuff and play football.  There is a giant normal sized turf soccer field there right behind the house of one of the elders there.  It is sweet.  We went to the hospital and they drew blood from elder Jensen and we are going back to see the results tomorrow.  The roads going to Mosterous are super steep and sketchy but I have never heard of anyone dying so I assume all is okay with my safety!  
Cristina wasn´t baptized this week.  We had some rather large problems and we don´t know what is going on because she won´t talk to us.  If she really wants to be baptized she will be baptized after she shows up to church twice more on our own.  
We have one baptism this week.  Edson Munice.  More on him later!

So thought this week spiritual is about Denying the Holy Ghost.  It is interesting how a person like Those who saw angels around the time of Joseph smith still left the church. People that have been strong for years can just slowly stop.  One major factor of that is that, although it is not the same and unpardonable as denying the Holy Ghost, when you recieve a prompting and don´t act on it you are starting down a road that if you don´t correct quickly, will destroy you in the end.  It is important to always act on promptings from the Holy Ghost!

Elder Sampson

Monday, November 11, 2013

Only Half

Dear Family,

So this week was a good week although it had its struggles. 

First off, Elder Jensen, two weeks ago started to get a head eche, and it got worse and worse, so he stayed in for like three days this week and it is still really bad.  I was on splits a lot trying to prepare these people for baptism this week (more on that later).  He went to Mosterous of the north part of the island to the hospital there and they gave him some medicine with some nasty side effects so he stopped using that and we are going back in a few hours here because he has a check up earlytomorrow morning.  Please pray for him and everyone here that is sick.  I am on and off a tiny bit sick, but not bad, and it is nothing compared to what Elder Jensen has.

So this week we found some new investigators and stuff, especially in Figueira Pavao, our new area.  We invited this guy to come to church and he said he would which is normal, but he actually showed up which isn´t that normal, and he brought an investigator with him which isn´t normal at all, and then it turned out that he hasn´t been baptized which is rare, and then a person who doesn´t speak very much Portuguese that we had been working with and had a marrage date who had stopped talking with us and was running from us weeks ago showed up in church miraculously, and so we can start working on that marrage now, and she offered a beautiful first prayer which had more words in it than I think she has ever said to us ever.  We also had an investigator in church that already has had all the lessons and then moved into our area.  We will be talking with him.  He said he has a few doubts.

I love teaching people how to pray.  It is great because they always offer prayers that are so sincere, simple and sweet.  In a lot of cases, it is like they have been trying to talk to God for a while but didn´t know exactly how to do it.  A lot of people here already know how to pray, but a bunch don´t really, and a few just had sort of made up their own thing.

So we had 4 baptisms this week scheduled, One of a little kid who was 8, his older brother, Lourenco who is 14, and Cristina who is 14.  We did all the baptisimal interviews friday except for Cristinas, and we tried to find her, and couldn´t.  We found out sunday, thanks to the help of our members, that she still wants to be baptized but is afraid of the ocean and so she is also shy and didn´t want to tell us so she just hid from us.  We didn´t have the baptism in the ocean anyways because it is super steep to get there and the cars can only take like 10 people.  We talked to Cristina today and we will talk with her more tomorrow and she should be baptized on Saturday. (Our chapel and font are under construction for the next 6 months)  We ended up going to Sao Filipe to do the baptism.  It was a good Baptism, except that after we got there, we did some simple math, and to the suprise of the mom, our 8 year old baptism was only 7.  So, only Lourenco and Casey Johnny were baptized.  It was still fantastic though.  The were both confirmed on Sunday in church.

I was thinking about how baptism is like joining the Lords side in this war against Satan and sin.  We can fight against satan before, but we don´t join the side of the Lord until baptism and don´t recieve the blessings of victory until we Join the Lord.  When we recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost we get our ´´sword of the spirit´´ (ephesians6:17 i think) that we can use to guide us in this battle.  We join the 2000 stripling warriors when we are extremely valliant and non of us will fall if we are like the stripling warriors in the end of Alma 56.  Its good stuff.  Challenge for everyone for the week is to read about and become more like the stripling warriors.

I love You all. 
President and Sister Oliveira are coming out this week to do interviews and house inspections which means that we don´t have zone conference this transfer.  I am excited, except that it is hard to clean your house really well with limited water so we will probably fail house inspections.  Our water went out yesterday, and so we only have a little left coming from the sinks.  I guess it will probably come back saturday, but that is just a guess.

Elder Sampson
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Very Little time

GmailKristin Sampson <>

Very Little time
1 message

Jared Sampson <>Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 6:46 AM
To: Kristin Sampson <>
Thank you to everyone who just sent me an email this week.  I can´t respond to all of them super well, but please send me a paper letter.
Cape Verde, Praia Mission
Praia, Cape Verde
So this week we started working in Figueira Pavao.  That is going well.  It is like a 25 min walk from our house.  It is pretty sweet.  We only have 4 strong members there now but are working with them and will be growing shortly.
Sorry that this will be short this week.
We have 4 baptisims this week, 3 of which are ours and 1 is an 8 year old kid who is the branches.  2 of them we have been working for for weeks.  Christina and Lorenzo.  They are both 14 and have lots of friends in the church.  Our chapel is being renovated so we are meeting in a diferente building and will probably have our baptisms in the ocean this saturday.  The other two baptisms are 2 kids from figueira Pavao that are at church every week but haven´t been baptized.  One is 11 and the other is 8.  This means we have to teach all the lessons to the one who has 11 years.  It is a bit annoying, but we also got 11 new investigators this week, and dropped like 15.  We are trying to find more people who can be stronger leaders and preisthood holders in the church because it is bad to just baptize younger kids.
This week for some reason, everything started working better.  I think that some of the district leaders said some stuff, and now we plan way better and work more smart and by the spirit.  We still aren´t as perfect as I think we could be faster, but we take small steps at a time and we will get there one day. 
Elder Jensen has had a headeche since tuesday, so please pray for him.  We had to spend the whole day in on saturday which was a probablem.  Pray for him.
Other than that, Everything is going well. 
I got my birthday package!  Thank you so much!  The beef jerkey bag had been torn a bit open and had ants and mold, so I still haven´t had beef in months, but other than that, everything is great.  I made muffins and made brownies.  Fantastic!  Thank you.
I´m actually a bit sad to be turing 19 because I like the reaction I get when I tell people I am only 18.  Oh well.  The new missionaries here showed up this week, and we only have one new missionary on the Island, and his birthday is the day after mine which means by 1 day I am no longer the youngest missionary on Fogo.  I am older than a lot of other missionaries in Cape Verde, but was the only one that was 18 until yesterday.
Happy Birthday to my dear sister Summer!
Summer, I love you and your smiling bright attitude.  You are the only one that I can see real emotion an personality in every one of your letters every week.  I love you!
Sorry this is brief.
Elder Sampson