Monday, October 27, 2014

I really have no idea what should go in this title part thing every week.

Dear family and others that should be treated as family.

This week was a good one.  The people here are still waiting for rain.  This year has been a dry one.  
All the corn by our house is dying.  That means not much food, which makes life very much harder, 
but our branch president gave a great talk about financial health which is a big focus of the stake.  

This week we worked very hard to get people coming to church, and still had no investigators.  We 
need to search our the Lord better.  We need to drop everything and go full throtle unrestrained.  
(I don't know how to spell in english anymore, because the only time I ever write in english is in 
these emails)  We are getting better, but are so far from perfect.

One lesson this week was with a guy named Nito.  He was taught in the past and was almost 
baptised many a time, but hasn't been taught for a while.  While talking to him, he has many 
doubts that are just excuses, but I did get a strong feeling that I need to be more pure.  It I have 
a pure desire to help someone, the spirit will be there.  If I teach, and follow all the gospel principles 
more for the right reason, and not just to do the right, then the Lord can better magnify my efforts.

I don't really know that much of what I should write.  It was a pretty normal week.

Today for P-day we played some good soccer, and we won as usual.  Elder Wallace always leads 
his team to victory, and I have been on his team every time.  Soccer is really big here, but everyone 
talks more than they can really do for the most part.  The Cape Verdian national team, the Blue 
Sharks, recently got a new stadium which is super nice.  They beat Mozambique there last week.

This week I was thinking a lot about the importance of working well in a branch or ward.  That is 
something that is usually taken for granted in Utah.  If we could just see how it should and can be, 
we would be much more blessed in fulfilling our roles because we could see how we fit in, and the
importance of our part.  It is the same thing with our families.  If we can see how they should be, 
then we can really be blessed because we can do what is necissary.  Elder Holland talks about Carl 
G. Mazer the first president of BYU, who almost gave up when BYU was struggling to come into 
existance.  He wasn't making enough to support his familiy, and so he decided to move and take 
a job in Salt lake.  However, he had a vision in which he saw how it would be in the future, and kept 
with it, and thanks to him we have BYU today.  The miracle however was not in the vision that he 
had, but in what was accomplished.  When we struggle through something, we need to pray to see 
it with the eyes of God.  That lets us have the miricle in the end.  If we make the decision to endure
. to the end, we will be blessed as if we had seen a vision that motivated us.  Many times we think, 
I would be awesome to have a dream, or see an angle, but the miracle in that is what is accomplished 
after.  So.  Take the attitude of, I Have Had a Vision.  And then act with that in mind.  All we have to 
do is make the decision, and we can recieve the same end results.

I love you all, and hope that you seek to be preocupied by the same things that God is preocupied with.

Elder Sampson

Monday, October 20, 2014

Why not give more?

Hello Everyone,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!  I love you.  Just so everyone knows I have the greatest father on the planet!

This week was a good week of many great experiences.

I attached a picture of Mandioca.  It is kind of like a potato, and is the root of a tree/bush thing.  The big 
store by our house has been closed all week because of the death of the father of the person who owns it.  The store is name after the father, Djemy, our friend, who passed away on monday.  So, we didn't have much to eat on sunday, and so I went out in our back yard, and with a rock, harvested 
some mandioca that we ate with some rice and beans.  It was really good.  We also have some banana 
and papaya trees back there and some other plants.  Roughin it in Africa.

So this week there were many a blessing.  

One of those is that we have been assigned a new high councilman from the stake that is really helping 
our branch to do what it is supposed to do.  His name is Bispo (Bishop) actually Ex Bispo Oliveira.  He 
is a little quarky, and full of energy, and is really going to make a big difference here.  It is an answer to 
prayers.  He is not afraid to sacrifice, and is going out with the members to work until they learn to do it 
for themselves.  

Church was pretty rough with 26 people and no investigators.  We are hoping to almost double the 
number of people in church next week. 

Elder Wallace and I also spoke in sacriment meeting which was good.  There was a lot on my mind, 
and I was struggling in knowing on what to focus on.  But it ended up being a good talk.  I would have
 like to have prepared more too.  I will do better next time.  

So a great example for everyone this week is Sy.

Sy is the only fully active young man.  He turned 17 on saturday.  For his birthday he wanted to have 
a family home evening thing at his house, and so he invited the branch and his family, and stuff.  We 
sang and prayed and I shared a spiritual though, and had food, and it was a great familiy and faith
 based birthday party.  We can all so better to be like Sy (Pronounced See).  There are so many of 
normal ways to share the gospel.  After everything, the greatest task is to preach the gospel.  That is 
what Christ did, and we must do the same.

One easy way to do that is to go to the movie Meet the Mormons with a less active or non member, 
or someone that is struggling.

I know that this church is true, and the the plan of salvation applies to all of us, but that salvation 
only applies to those who, with a broken heart and contrite spirit, want it.

Thank you for your prayers.  

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  It was pondering about that this week.  That means that in 
everything we say and ask in our prayers, we must do exactly as Christ would do, nothing deviating.  
We are not perfect, but that should motivate us, and not be an excuse.  When you pray for me, and 
for missionaries, and anything else, you must be willing to work for those blessings.

The object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for 
others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that we must ask for in order to obtain.
We pray to the Father in Christ’s name (John 14:13–1416:23–24). We are truly able to 
pray in Christ’s name when our wishes are the wishes of Christ (John 15:7D&C 46:30). 
We then ask for things that are right and thus possible for God to grant (3 Ne. 18:20). 
Some prayers remain unanswered because they in no way represent Christ’s desire but 
spring instead out of the selfishness of man (James 4:3D&C 46:9). Indeed, if we ask 
God for unrighteous things, it will turn to our condemnation (D&C 88:65).

Elder Sampson

Monday, October 13, 2014


Dear All,

This week was a great week here!  We are definately being blessed.

The first blessing is that we found out that an investigator that we started teaching this week, Wilker, 
who was taught in Praia a while ago went to conference in Assomada last week.  We had him marked 
for baptism next week, and then while we were talking on thursday, he said he would be out of town 
next Saturday, and wanted to know if he could be baptised this week, so he was baptised and 
confirmed this week, and bore a great testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting.  

Also, this week they started construction in our church, and so we now have the second floor, and 
the first floor is being opened up to have a large place to have sacrament meeting.  It is going to be
good.  I will try to send pictures.  I attached a picture of our current sacrament meeting room that is 
on the second floor.

So this week I was not in my area that much.  On Tuesday, I went into Assomada to do a division 
with the Zone leaders, Elder Coleman and Elder Paredes.  Elder Paredes went with Elder Wallace 
in my area, and I was with Elder Coleman.  We are from the same group at the MTC. He is awesome.  
It was a great day.  We taught some really solid lessons.  What a blessing.

On Friday, I went to Calheta for the day to teach with Elder Conway who is new and came in with 
Elder Wallace, while is comp, Elder Dorff, came to do Wilker's baptisimal interview.  We also taught 
some great lessons.  I love teaching.  I was really really tired all of this week, but it was still great.  
We taught some great lessons this week.

We also started teaching an english class this week.  We just talked about basic greeting stuff and 
whatever, and it was great.  There weren't a ton of people, so we are going to try to do it again this 
week at a different time to see if we can get some people to show up.  It was a good experience though.

It also rained a lot this week.  There was one day that we went out to teach before lunch, and I was 
completely drenched when we came back.  It was good though.  They really need the rain here.  
But, because of the rain, lots of people were in the fields which made it harder to find people.  It's 
good though.

So, I don't exactly what more to write as far as stuff is going on here.  

I really know that we Children of Our Heavenly Father.  He Loves Us.  As His children, we have 
many rights and privelges.  We need to really live up to them though.  There are lots of times that 
we put ourselves down, but we have the solem responsibility to live up to the charge that we have 
as His children.  We all should be representatives of Him.  Then He will bless us.  Anything That is 
Good comes from Him.  Anything that is Bad comes from Satan.  Sometimes it is hard, but we must 
do everything we can to do the right.  No matter what.  The Lord prepares us.  When we want to do 
His will, He will tell us exactly what to say and how to do it.  It is His work.

I love you all, but even more, I love Him.
I hope that I can love Him more.  
Christ showed that he loved his Father Following Him, Keeping His Commandments, and Giving the
Glory to the Father.
Do we strive to give the Glory to the Father?

Elder Sampson

Monday, October 6, 2014

A much more energetic week

Dear Family, Friends, and Etc's,

So, first, Conference

Conference was awesome.  We only missed one talk, which was the first talk of the Sunday afternoon 
session because we went to get an investigators, and in the haice on the way back, someone threw up, 
and then they made us sit where he had thrown up, and then the haice was clearly completely full, and
 then they tried to add 3 more people, and like a lot of stuff, but it was a'ight.  I watched the Saturday
Morning, and Priesthood sessions in Portuguese, and the others in English.  I also watched the talk that 
was origionally in portuguese in portuguese which was great!  I liked a lot of talks.  A lot.  I was taking 
notes, and though, okay, I will mark this one to come back to.  Then the same thing with the next one.  
So I decided that it won't work to mark all of them, so i will just study them all in a few months when we 
get the conference leahona.

I liked a lot the talk from Elder Oaks, about showing love to everyone.  That. is. important.  We need 
to follow that.

Also i love the talk from the one person (I don't have my notes here) on saturday about the 6 things
 we can apply in our lives.  I am working to apply them all.  

Also, José got baptised this week.  We got an invite on tuesday to find someone to be baptised.  We 
started working with him and he wanted to, but I just had a restraining feeling.  He was interviewed 
and passed, but I wasn't feeling super comfortable.  We got to Sunday morning and it was still up in 
the air.  We didn't want to do something against the will of the Lord, but also didn't want to fall short of 
what we were capable of doing.  After the first saturday session, I had some restraining feelings, and 
so we talked with some of the branch council members, and as we talked, the talk from Elder Wong 
stood out about how one person can't pull everything.  José lacked member support.  So, we made 
some plans to get José integrated better, and we started to work.  José came to the preisthood 
session on sunday morning, and during the session I felt better.  We went after the session with a 
member, Claudio, and prayed about what should be done, and asked for a spritual confirmation that 
he should be baptised, after talking about it, and as we prayed we truely recieved that confirmation.  
Attached is a picture of the baptism.  I am grateful for the power of prayer.  I know the Lord answers 
My prayers.  

So also this week, to make the interview happen, i went and spent the day in Calheta which is like 
30 mins away by the ocean, with Elder Conway after our zone meeting.  It was an awesome day.  
There was some great stuff going on, and we found some new investigators for them and stuff.
Also, Elder Wallace is awesome.  He picks up on everything soooo fast.  He alreay speaks super 
well, and teaches super well, and is going to be a great missionary.

I also learned that I have a grandson serving in Brazil, who is the son of Elder De Pina that I trained 
in Santo Antao.

Many of the speakers in conference talked about challanges and changes and stuff.  My challange 
for this week is in support of theirs.  It is to make a live evaluation based off of the spirit, prayer, 
and the scriptures, espeicailly conference talks.  I know that will make a difference.

I know that prayer really is a powerful tool, and that the supreme father of all of us wants to hear
 from you, and if you don't talk to him, he will not hear you.

Christ showed his love for his Father being obedient and giving the glory to Him.  We must do 
the same.

Love you all!!!

Elder Sampson