Monday, October 27, 2014

I really have no idea what should go in this title part thing every week.

Dear family and others that should be treated as family.

This week was a good one.  The people here are still waiting for rain.  This year has been a dry one.  
All the corn by our house is dying.  That means not much food, which makes life very much harder, 
but our branch president gave a great talk about financial health which is a big focus of the stake.  

This week we worked very hard to get people coming to church, and still had no investigators.  We 
need to search our the Lord better.  We need to drop everything and go full throtle unrestrained.  
(I don't know how to spell in english anymore, because the only time I ever write in english is in 
these emails)  We are getting better, but are so far from perfect.

One lesson this week was with a guy named Nito.  He was taught in the past and was almost 
baptised many a time, but hasn't been taught for a while.  While talking to him, he has many 
doubts that are just excuses, but I did get a strong feeling that I need to be more pure.  It I have 
a pure desire to help someone, the spirit will be there.  If I teach, and follow all the gospel principles 
more for the right reason, and not just to do the right, then the Lord can better magnify my efforts.

I don't really know that much of what I should write.  It was a pretty normal week.

Today for P-day we played some good soccer, and we won as usual.  Elder Wallace always leads 
his team to victory, and I have been on his team every time.  Soccer is really big here, but everyone 
talks more than they can really do for the most part.  The Cape Verdian national team, the Blue 
Sharks, recently got a new stadium which is super nice.  They beat Mozambique there last week.

This week I was thinking a lot about the importance of working well in a branch or ward.  That is 
something that is usually taken for granted in Utah.  If we could just see how it should and can be, 
we would be much more blessed in fulfilling our roles because we could see how we fit in, and the
importance of our part.  It is the same thing with our families.  If we can see how they should be, 
then we can really be blessed because we can do what is necissary.  Elder Holland talks about Carl 
G. Mazer the first president of BYU, who almost gave up when BYU was struggling to come into 
existance.  He wasn't making enough to support his familiy, and so he decided to move and take 
a job in Salt lake.  However, he had a vision in which he saw how it would be in the future, and kept 
with it, and thanks to him we have BYU today.  The miracle however was not in the vision that he 
had, but in what was accomplished.  When we struggle through something, we need to pray to see 
it with the eyes of God.  That lets us have the miricle in the end.  If we make the decision to endure
. to the end, we will be blessed as if we had seen a vision that motivated us.  Many times we think, 
I would be awesome to have a dream, or see an angle, but the miracle in that is what is accomplished 
after.  So.  Take the attitude of, I Have Had a Vision.  And then act with that in mind.  All we have to 
do is make the decision, and we can recieve the same end results.

I love you all, and hope that you seek to be preocupied by the same things that God is preocupied with.

Elder Sampson

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