Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Summer

Dear Family and Others,

Happy Birthday to the best Codê in the world.  (That is what they call the last kid in a family here)
So for my imidiate familiy, for Christmas this year, and for my birthday I want something from you.

 The Following
Choose in a spirit of prayer a scripture.
Study and ponder about this scripture every day until christmas.  This will probably have to include memorizing it.
Ask yourself repeatedly What does this scriputre mean to me?
When we skype at Christmas, share with me how that scripture has come to have a profound and lasting meaning to you, and what that meaning is.

So this week was an excitingish one.

I was a bit sick during the week but am mostly better.

I made some delicious fluffy dinner rolls to break our fasts with too.  See picture attached.
This week we worked hard to have people at church, and still didn't have anyone.  We need to work harder I guess.  We have the potential to have a lot of people there.

This last week we had a good experience working with some less-ish actives named Ady and Monica.  They were married and then were baptised, and they are in and out of activity, but we started working with them to help some investigators, and it has been great for both of them.

We are helping the members to do what is right, especially in working with us with references.  One thing we did was with a member named Bruna who is preparing to serve a mission.  We taught her and then she put down 14 names on paper of people that she wants to share the gospel with.  Then we talked to her about how it is her responsibility to work with those people to help them get all the way to conversion.  In the past when we get references from people, they just sort of gave us names, and now we are really buckling down to get the members to do their part.  I know that the Lord is ready to bless us as soon as we do our part.

I love monkeys.  This one's name is New Baby.  See attached photo.

This week I understood a bit more of the importance of repentance.  Most of us have had times in our lives where we were on fire to work and to do the Lord's will to fulfil all righeousness, but Satan works a lot to stop us.  The key to overcoming this is repentance.  A full and lasting repentance lights and feeds our fire.  We can all have a happier life, and a heart more full when we repent.  I know that repentance is a process that we must live always.  It is a process ot the heart and not of the mouth.  I am greatful for the blessing of repentance in my life.

Elder Sampson

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