Monday, October 13, 2014


Dear All,

This week was a great week here!  We are definately being blessed.

The first blessing is that we found out that an investigator that we started teaching this week, Wilker, 
who was taught in Praia a while ago went to conference in Assomada last week.  We had him marked 
for baptism next week, and then while we were talking on thursday, he said he would be out of town 
next Saturday, and wanted to know if he could be baptised this week, so he was baptised and 
confirmed this week, and bore a great testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting.  

Also, this week they started construction in our church, and so we now have the second floor, and 
the first floor is being opened up to have a large place to have sacrament meeting.  It is going to be
good.  I will try to send pictures.  I attached a picture of our current sacrament meeting room that is 
on the second floor.

So this week I was not in my area that much.  On Tuesday, I went into Assomada to do a division 
with the Zone leaders, Elder Coleman and Elder Paredes.  Elder Paredes went with Elder Wallace 
in my area, and I was with Elder Coleman.  We are from the same group at the MTC. He is awesome.  
It was a great day.  We taught some really solid lessons.  What a blessing.

On Friday, I went to Calheta for the day to teach with Elder Conway who is new and came in with 
Elder Wallace, while is comp, Elder Dorff, came to do Wilker's baptisimal interview.  We also taught 
some great lessons.  I love teaching.  I was really really tired all of this week, but it was still great.  
We taught some great lessons this week.

We also started teaching an english class this week.  We just talked about basic greeting stuff and 
whatever, and it was great.  There weren't a ton of people, so we are going to try to do it again this 
week at a different time to see if we can get some people to show up.  It was a good experience though.

It also rained a lot this week.  There was one day that we went out to teach before lunch, and I was 
completely drenched when we came back.  It was good though.  They really need the rain here.  
But, because of the rain, lots of people were in the fields which made it harder to find people.  It's 
good though.

So, I don't exactly what more to write as far as stuff is going on here.  

I really know that we Children of Our Heavenly Father.  He Loves Us.  As His children, we have 
many rights and privelges.  We need to really live up to them though.  There are lots of times that 
we put ourselves down, but we have the solem responsibility to live up to the charge that we have 
as His children.  We all should be representatives of Him.  Then He will bless us.  Anything That is 
Good comes from Him.  Anything that is Bad comes from Satan.  Sometimes it is hard, but we must 
do everything we can to do the right.  No matter what.  The Lord prepares us.  When we want to do 
His will, He will tell us exactly what to say and how to do it.  It is His work.

I love you all, but even more, I love Him.
I hope that I can love Him more.  
Christ showed that he loved his Father Following Him, Keeping His Commandments, and Giving the
Glory to the Father.
Do we strive to give the Glory to the Father?

Elder Sampson

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