Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello Family

Hello Everyone!
So this week was an adventure.  I went on a lot of divisions and stuff with members and marked a lot of dates for baptism.  There is this one house in Figueira Pavao which is pretty much a jack pot every time.  Every time I go up there there are new people and we teach a lesson with Tequinha who lives there and whoever else is at her house, and just mark dates for baptism and other appointments.   Fantastic.
So Monday last week we went to Mosterous to the Hospital.  Mosterous is sweet.  We chilled in the Library for a while because they have an america corner where all the books are in english and stuff.  It is pretty sweet.  Mosterous has the most past-american cape verdians of any city in Fogo. We talked with this guy in english (he is fluent becase he lived in America most of his life) about thanksgiving and he said that there, every thanksgiving the americans get together and cook a turkey and stuff and play football.  There is a giant normal sized turf soccer field there right behind the house of one of the elders there.  It is sweet.  We went to the hospital and they drew blood from elder Jensen and we are going back to see the results tomorrow.  The roads going to Mosterous are super steep and sketchy but I have never heard of anyone dying so I assume all is okay with my safety!  
Cristina wasn´t baptized this week.  We had some rather large problems and we don´t know what is going on because she won´t talk to us.  If she really wants to be baptized she will be baptized after she shows up to church twice more on our own.  
We have one baptism this week.  Edson Munice.  More on him later!

So thought this week spiritual is about Denying the Holy Ghost.  It is interesting how a person like Those who saw angels around the time of Joseph smith still left the church. People that have been strong for years can just slowly stop.  One major factor of that is that, although it is not the same and unpardonable as denying the Holy Ghost, when you recieve a prompting and don´t act on it you are starting down a road that if you don´t correct quickly, will destroy you in the end.  It is important to always act on promptings from the Holy Ghost!

Elder Sampson

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