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Very Little time

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Very Little time
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Jared Sampson <>Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 6:46 AM
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Thank you to everyone who just sent me an email this week.  I can´t respond to all of them super well, but please send me a paper letter.
Cape Verde, Praia Mission
Praia, Cape Verde
So this week we started working in Figueira Pavao.  That is going well.  It is like a 25 min walk from our house.  It is pretty sweet.  We only have 4 strong members there now but are working with them and will be growing shortly.
Sorry that this will be short this week.
We have 4 baptisims this week, 3 of which are ours and 1 is an 8 year old kid who is the branches.  2 of them we have been working for for weeks.  Christina and Lorenzo.  They are both 14 and have lots of friends in the church.  Our chapel is being renovated so we are meeting in a diferente building and will probably have our baptisms in the ocean this saturday.  The other two baptisms are 2 kids from figueira Pavao that are at church every week but haven´t been baptized.  One is 11 and the other is 8.  This means we have to teach all the lessons to the one who has 11 years.  It is a bit annoying, but we also got 11 new investigators this week, and dropped like 15.  We are trying to find more people who can be stronger leaders and preisthood holders in the church because it is bad to just baptize younger kids.
This week for some reason, everything started working better.  I think that some of the district leaders said some stuff, and now we plan way better and work more smart and by the spirit.  We still aren´t as perfect as I think we could be faster, but we take small steps at a time and we will get there one day. 
Elder Jensen has had a headeche since tuesday, so please pray for him.  We had to spend the whole day in on saturday which was a probablem.  Pray for him.
Other than that, Everything is going well. 
I got my birthday package!  Thank you so much!  The beef jerkey bag had been torn a bit open and had ants and mold, so I still haven´t had beef in months, but other than that, everything is great.  I made muffins and made brownies.  Fantastic!  Thank you.
I´m actually a bit sad to be turing 19 because I like the reaction I get when I tell people I am only 18.  Oh well.  The new missionaries here showed up this week, and we only have one new missionary on the Island, and his birthday is the day after mine which means by 1 day I am no longer the youngest missionary on Fogo.  I am older than a lot of other missionaries in Cape Verde, but was the only one that was 18 until yesterday.
Happy Birthday to my dear sister Summer!
Summer, I love you and your smiling bright attitude.  You are the only one that I can see real emotion an personality in every one of your letters every week.  I love you!
Sorry this is brief.
Elder Sampson

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