Monday, October 28, 2013

Room for More

October 28, 2013

Dear Family, friends and fellow folk,
You may have noticed that these letters are a little better than they used to be.  I started writing them out and then just typing them so it takes less time and they are a lot better focused and not spread over random stuff.
I am preparing stuff to send home but I need to know what kinds of pictures and videos and stuff that people want from Africa.  I am planning on sending home a jump drive of stuff that can be uploaded to the blog for all to see.

So I got letters this week.  Most of the letters from family were from a long while ago.  Jeff sent one on the 10th and it showed up here on the 16 and I got it on the 25th or so.  It takes about 6-10 days to get here and then after that I just have to wait for someone to bring them from praia during transfers or when someone comes to the island for whatever reason.  I can send stuff home pretty easy, but the mail here doesn´t send from cova figueria until the box is full so I will wait to send stuff until we go to sao filipe.

This week in Cape Verde was about 7 days long.  Tranfer calls came last night and pretty much no one on Fogo got transfered.  There are 26 missionaries here, 2 got switched but are still on the island and one elder and one sister left the island.  Everyone I see on a regular basis is still in the exact same place.  We had Cake and Icecream to kill the transfer (See attached pictuers).  Was good.  Elder Jensen is addicted to the cake.  

This week was a bit rough. We had 3 days in a row that we didn´t teach any lessons and then the next day after that we only taught 1 lesson.  We had 3 lessons yesterday though and also got 8 new references which will help.  We have access now to a new area because we found out that there is a car that can bring people from there to church so we will start working there this week too.  We are dropping a lot of investigators.  Pretty much we are just sifting through the people that won´t do stuff to find those who will.  

We got a call thursday morning that the assistants wanted everyone on fogo to have a baptism this week, and so we found people that could potentially get baptized, and unfortunately ours didn´t work out, but we had 2 baptisms here on saturday not in our branch.
We only had one investigator in church this sunday.  He came with his friends and has been going to seminary and to church activities.  We won´t have any baptisms this week but hopefully will have 2 or 3 next week.

So this week I have to spiritual thought and challenges
1. Read and ponder the words to the Hymn, Sweet hour of Prayer, then apply the things that the spirit tells you to do to imporve your prayers.
2. The second is about the sacriment.  Every week we take the sacriment should be able to feel the same joy as we did the day of our baptisms, however, this can only happen if every week we are preparing for the sacriment and trying to change ourselves to be more worthy.  Every week the sacriment should cause us to want to re-committ ourselves to be more like Jesus Christ.  This isn´t a Gospel where we just sort of go about doing our daily thinsg and baybe at nigh pray and say sorry for the things that we did wrong and then repent every day until we take the sacriment and then when we take the sacriment, everyhint we missed saying sorry for is okay.  The puropse and the way we can have the same joy of baptism every week is by trying our best and working at imporving and rearranging our lives to be more like Jesus Christ.  Then, and only then, do we really use the atonement though the sacriment.

So this week the water was out for about 8 days and finally came back on, but we conserved it better and still had a tiny bit of water coming out when the water came back on so it was better.  It was just a lot harder to wash dishes and stuff and we had to bucket shower.

Storys of the week:
1. So we had to fill the baptisimal font by hand which was fun because the water is out in the chapel.  My traps are sore still a little. Lots of buckets of water carried.  Check.
2. So we were in a lesson and elder jensen got attacked by a centipiede and I saved his life.  It was about 6 inches long, and we stomped on it and it wouldn´t die and so we burned its head.  They are very poisionous but that is the only one so far I have seen.

Elder Sampson
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