Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2 Month Mark

2 Month Mark

Sorry about no email yesterday.  The power went out part way through and then we had to get back to Cova Figueira.  I am finishing this really quick now.

Today is my two month mark. That´s nice.  It seems like I haven´t been out that long.  The transfer is half over today as well.  We will see what happens to me in three weeks.

This last week was a blast.  We got water back on Friday afternoon which makes life so much easier.  Be grateful that when you need a drink or need to shower you can turn on a tap or a shower that is clean, and has controlable temperature, and is always there because we dont always have that here.  That is one thing that makes living here so much more fun.  It is more of an adventure when that happens.

So major things of this last week.
We had Zone Conference on thursday in Sao Filipe.  There are 13 pairs of missionaries in our zone and so I got to meet all of them.  It was a good day except I didnt understand much of what was happening because the room is super echoy (most are here) and so all the portuguese I would normally understand which is enough to know what is going on, I didnt understand because it was really quiet and echoy.  Thats okay though.  The spirit was still strong and we learned a ton.  President Oliveria is fantastic.  We stayed in sao filipe that night and I went on splits with one of the elders who is in Congresso which is the top half of sao filipe.  We did some shopping for stuff we cant get in cova figueira the next morning and then came back and taught the rest of the night.
My body still isnt perfectly adjusted to african food and the fact that I only eat breakfast, and then lunch and dont eat again for hours but I am getting more close to adjusting completely.
Sunday was normal church.  The internet is really slow and so they download conference and we will watch one session next week for church. The rest we have to get and watch on our own.  We are trying to get us some english video to watch but I dont know if that will work.  We got the english and portuguese audio yesterday so we will try to watch during lunch and stuff over the next two weeks or so.  
We didnt have any investigators at church on sunday. :(  That is bad and we are working to try to help people.  Our goal is 11 people baptized and 11 people non active rescued by the end of the year.  It is going to take a lot to get that to happen.  
There is so much to learn and so much to work on it is good I have 2 years because I have forever to go.  
Yesterday the internet was off here so we had to go to sao filipe again to email.
I am almost out of time, so sorry for this short letter.

I Love You All.
Send me a letter or email if you are my friend.
Elder Sampson

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