Monday, October 7, 2013


I´m not going to send pictures this week.  Sorry.

Here are some things I would like as able.

1. Recipies.  You can just email them and I can pay to print them.  We have somewhat limited resources but pretty much anything basic we can do.  just send lots.  breads, dinners.  snacks. pretty much anything. Pancakes, etc...  Healthy isn´t that important.  We only need ways to make food because we have not that much as of right now and the same stuff gets old.  Also the tomato sauce here is like tomato paste.  Can dad send me a way to make that taste more like american tomato sauce, like the kind he makes?

2. work out plan from bro chun that I never got, and if he can, small descriptions of what things are.  I am trying to get back into shape but have limited resources.  I need to know things I can do with almost nothing.  (chairs, bed, plastic bags full of stuff, etc...)

3. Things that would be great to send:
Hymn Books
Small thing of garlic salt, or how to make garlic salt.  We have garlic (the whole thing) and we have salt.  I would love garlic salt.
Costco canned beef.  Beef Beef Beef.  We only really have chicken here.  Nothing is even beef flavored.  Raman is all chicken, etc...
Just the Cheese from Mac and Cheese.  We have pasta, but no cheese here at all.  That would be great.
A pocket knife with tons of stuff on it.
Muffin Mix (blueberry)
Brownie Mix
Other Mixes. 
     We have water and stuff.  All the basic stuff you have to add to things to make any standard mix. 
I didn´t get the mail.  There was pretty much none.  If the Zone leaders forget to bring stuff from Praia, it probably won´t show up. The next time I can probably get stuff is at transfers 3 weeks from today. 
Glad to hear about the stuff you are doing but don´t have time to respond.

Elder Sampson
Also 2 jump drives.  Sorry this was more of a needy email and not a nice conversation one :(

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