Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun Experiences

So this week has been good.  We found out a few hours before zone conference that it is postponed until this coming friday because President Oliveria had to do something else.  
We had a baptism with Tony planned for Saturday, but there was a lot of rain and the person who was supposed to baptize him couldn't make it back from Sao Filipe so it got postponed until Sunday morning.  He was okay with it but all our investigators that showed up Sat. Night didn't come Sunday morning and didn't come to church.  The only non members there were one that won't get baptized that I actually haven't met.  Her husband won't get married or something, and the other was a catholic girl that has some big position in the catholic church here, kind of like a missionary.  I don't know why she was there but she sat in on part of a lesson with someone else the other day, and we made an appointment with her.  
Our chapel is an actual chapel.  All of them are as far as I know.  They are pretty decent.  Not like chapels in America though.  I will try to send pictures eventually.  There is an electric piano in the chapel that no one knows how to use pretty much.  Church has no accompanist because no one can play and the branch pres doesn't know I play yet.  I played a tad for a member the other day though while we were stuck there because of rain.  When it rains, it rains really hard for a short time and then is gone.  The chapel itself can fit 200 people easy.  I hope that happens some time.
CONGRATS TO KAITLYN BEARD!!!  Someone that knows her tell her congrats for me.  That is so awesome.  One of my good friends from the MTC, Sister Rhodes, who got re-assigned to St George, is from Vancouver Washington.  It is sweet that my friends that are girls are getting to go on missions.  Kaitlyn will get home like a month before me which is strange.  I can't wait until there are sisters here that are younger than me because a lot of them look it even though they aren't.
We do all of our own cooking pretty much.  We usually buy bread in the morning which is pretty good.  Elder Pires who is a Cape Verde Native who is serving with our zone leader, Elder Halblieb (from highland) makes lunch usually.  Something usually vegetable based and completely different every day, but also pretty the same because there aren't a lot of options for food here.
I don't know how conference is going to work.  I will talk about that later after it happens.
All of our speaking and teaching is in Portuguese.  We never study Portuguese.  Pretty much everyone understands it.  Creole is pretty much taking slang and simplified and shortened words for everything.  You don't really conjugate in creole.  You speak more like in English where I walk, you walk, they walk, we walk, etc... uses the same word, "walk" instead of conjugating walk differently depending on what you are talking about.
So, I am missing some stuff, but some fun experiences so far.
1. So the picture I sent home first of Tony at our baptism, right before we took the picture this massive spider significantly bigger than my fist shot down from the ceiling and hid behind the picture of Christ we are next too.  I tried to get a picture but that didn't happen.
2. So I sat on a goat in a car for a while the other day.  We were coming back from Sao Filipe with the food and stuff we can't buy here, and some people got in and brought their goat and shoved the goat into a 2x2x4 foot hole under my seat where it barely fit.  That is normal.  I would forget about it and then every so often it would make a noise and I would remember it was there.

We taught a bunch of people and it was good I guess this week.  No.  For sure was good.  We are teaching this guy named Carlos who is 17 and is more well off than most of the other people here.  we had a 2 hour lesson with him yesterday where the spirit was super strong the whole time trying to help him get a testimony of his own.

Have to go.

Elder Sampson

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