Monday, September 23, 2013

Cape Verde Pictures Week 1

1. The view out of our appartment in Cova Figueira.  You can see the volcano a bit in the back.  All the beaches here are black but we are pretty far from it so I haven´t seen any up close.
The internet is really slow with pictures so I don´t know what I will be able to send.  I will send one at a time until I am kicked off.
While this loads I will write more.  So everyone here is black.  And if you didn´t understand before, pretty much none of them speak portuguese and so they are super hard to understand.  Its good though.  I will catch on enough to get the just of what they are saying if I am here long enough.  I don´t know how long I will.  Could be 1 transfer, could be 8-9 months.  Probably somewhere in the middle.
We aren´t really aloud to eat at members houses but we ate at the branch presidents house this week becuase they know that they have to prepare our food a certain way.  It was really good. Rice, beans, chicken, a bit of potatoes.  It was good.  We don´t have dinner here.  We get up, eat breakfast, study, then go out for a bit, come home for two hours from like 1-3 and make lunch and then stay out until 9 or 9;30 and maybe have time to make a snack before sleeping.  I´ve been passing out pretty much as soon as we are don´t planning the first few days becuase we missed sleeping the two nights we were traveling, and we walk a lot all over up and down and side to side because we live on the side of a volcano.  All the rocks are black and stuff.
I for sure will only be able to send this one picture because it takes forever.  Sorry I´m not in it. Next week hopefully I will be able to send 2 or 3 because I will just start off sending it while I write the text elsewhere and then send it after the picture sends.
So, the picture failed after 7 mins of loading, so I will try again next week I am out of time.  It was a great picture though.

Love Elder Sampson

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