Monday, September 9, 2013

Zarabatana= ( -8

Hello Family, Friends and Fellow Countrymen,

What are you doing to be a missionary this week?

All is still well at the Center for the Training of Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am coming into the end of my stay here which is nice.
Portuguese is coming along nicely.  It is super helpful to have a almost fluent companion.  
All of our schedule changed on Tuesday because BYU classes started and so the teachers were swapped around a bit as were the schedules to accommodate class times of the teachers.  We lost one of our teachers and got a new one.  His name is Irmão Orr.  He is pretty sweet.  That means that we lost an investigator and got a new one (our teachers are our investigators because no one else speaks Portuguese).  We also got two new investigators that are people acting in our District and we also because investigators which is fun.  We have learned almost every major grammar principle now but still have a long way to go before we can actually remember how to do everything.  
Last week on Tuesday we had another general authority come to the devotional (2nd in 8 months, both while I have been here).  It was Elder Anderson. He is really good.  We had a member of the 70 this week, Elder Evans. He was fantastic too.  
I have been drumming a bit since I got my sticks which is fun, and am playing recorder in a devotional on Sunday but don't tell anyone because I technically haven't been told yet (he says as he broadcasts it into the internet).  I am probably going to play some flute for fun next week before I go.  
There are a bunch of people I have seen that I know, but I have yet to see Elder Heaton.  Elder Keele saw him the day he got here but I haven't seen him yet which is strange.  I saw Elder Haws (most of you probably don't know him.) who is going to the same mission who got here the same day, but I haven't seen Elder Heaton. Is is possible that he got transferred to the West MTC.
Some of you have been asking about the food.  The food here is pretty good ish, but there it too much of it and it doesn't make our tumblies feel fantastic all the time.  I know I have gained some weight while here but haven't weighed myself.  I hate being fat (relatively) and out of shape but the food causes problems because there is always so much of it.
I feel like there is more I was going to say but I am not currently remembering.  I bought a new watch.  It is white and rather large and weighs way too much but it is good.  If someone tries to attack me I can just back hand them with it and they will be out for sure. :)

Sorry if I didn't respond to something specific.  I have letters all over and we had a surprise room inspection today and so my stuff was cleaned to all over by the other elders in our room.

Summer:  2 Field Trips seems like lots of fun.  I am glad you are enjoying your teacher and school.  I see Elder Chun all the time.  I am learning Portuguese slowly but surely.

Ryan: Soccer sounds great.  I play a decent bit of soccer here.  It is lots of fun.  I am still pretty okay at soccer.  I am not the best but not nearly the worst.  I saw Sister Douma the day I got to the MTC and have not seen her since.  I do have a friend I was in ALL with who works in the Book Store here.

Kelsey: Have you had any volleyball games yet?  I hope you have gotten Willey's and school figured out. If you just remember that there are always plenty of things you can learn even if it isn't what would normally be intended to learn from that situation.

Dad: How is not teaching and work stuff? Cape Verde does have a bunch of ties with most portuguese speaking countries.  There are more cape verdians outside of Cape Verde because as soon as they can get enough money, most leave because there aren't many opportunities on a island that has no water.

Mom: Thanks for checking on the bible and hymn book.  I should be getting a decent chunk of money from work.  Probably 5 or so more checks of various amounts.  Probably a bit more than 2000.   I paid the copay for my toe which was $10 and insurance should cover the rest.  It seems like our family is doing a good job with missionary work.

Well, there are plenty of other things that I could talk probably but I am falling into study time, so until next week, Tchau.

Elder Sampson

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