Monday, October 14, 2013

Questions & Answers

How long were you without water last week?  About a week.
Do you have big storage tanks (or little ones) in your apartment?  We have a tank on top of our house which is bigger than most, and then bottles full in our kitchen when that runs out.  We also have a tank to use inside to flush the toilet every so often and possibly shower.  The water went out on like thursday, we still had a bit of water coming out of the taps until monday, and then no water at all until friday except what we had in bottles and stuff in our house. It was okay though.  It makes you appeiciate water more when you have that. That will continue to happen pretty frequently throughtout my mission.
Where do you have zone conferences?  In the church?  Zone Conference was in the chapel of the bigger of the two chapels in Sao Filipe.  We had lunch there in one of the classrooms and stuff.
How often does President Olivera visit?  Not that often.  He is usually at zone conference, but the last two times he wasnt there so we were lucky to see him this last zone conference.
Where do you email?  How long can you spend on the computer?  We have an hour at an internet cafe which is pretty much just a cement box with computers and a printer.
Can you use Facebook?  Probably next summer.  We are also supposed to get ipads.
Are you able to eat a super large lunch?  No, lunch is usually smaller than a typical dinner at home.  We don´t have a ton and then maybe eat a snack when we get home. I eat probably less than half of what I ate at home.  Its good though.  I´m not starving.  I don´t have an all you can eat feast at all, but I have enough.
What about carrying around snacks to eat around dinner time? No. I have no where to put them and that would require carying around water too which is heavy.  And, snacks are not that cheap and don´t fit super well into our monthly budget.
  Are you eating mostly rice and fish?  We eat a lot of spagetti and stuff.  Rice too.  We have super low quality canned tuna and that is pretty much the only meat we have.  We bought a chichen the other day and broiled it but it had super little meat and wasn´t that good and we just ate it plain because we didn´t have time to make something else.  We eat really simple meals because we can´t get a ton, and also aren´t super skilled at making food!
  Do you think you might get transferred? 
I don´t know. Probably not. but maybe it could really go either way.  Prices of moving missionaries aren´t really taken into account when transfers come. Like any other mission, missionaries go where they need to go as directed by the Lord through the mission president.  I could stay here, move to a different area on Fogo, or go to another island.  If I had to guess though it would be one of the first two.

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