Monday, March 23, 2015

Wonderful Week One

English is weird.  One.  Won.  When you need a triple W there is no good way to do it.  Why One and Won sound the exact same, I knowith not.

But, nevertheless, week one of the transfer was pretty great.

On monday I taught one of the, or maybe the best lesson that I have ever been in.  For sure it was the best I have ever taught people and not lessons.  We taught this to a family where the husband came to church two weeks ago, and his woman wanted nothing to do with us after she found out that we weren't just there to teach people the bible.  It has been a struggle to get to talk with her.  We went in, and she was home and not busy and we just started talking, and morphed into teaching, and just discussed the gospel, and we shared the gospel with them, and the spirit was super strong.  Things aren't instantly better, but it was a solid force of the spirit the whole time.  That is what happens when you have a good comp study and then apply what you learned.

This week was Edgar's baptism.  In his house, there are now just 2 that aren't members.  He is 17, and when we first got to the area, he had no interest, and just sort of shoved us off, but over time, every so often, he warmed up a bit.  Then we felt like we should invite him to read the bood of mormon, because he likes reading.  And... He started going really well, and has been picking up everything.  A few days ago, we taught one thing, and he said, Tell Me More, and so we taught him another and he said, tell me more, and so we kept going.  He is going to be fantastic.  I am super excited for him.

This last weekend, as part of our zone plan, we had a sacrament meeting focused on missionary work, and the three older of us in our branch spoke because Elder McMullin, who is new, spoke two weeks ago.  Elder Zuniga spoke on why we do missionary work, Elder Chevalier spoke on the responsibilities of members, and I spoke on references.  I talked about the 3 principle doubts for giving references.  1. They are of another faith. 2. They might not want to hear, and 3. I am afraid to talk with people about the gospel.  Then I slashed, figuratively, the doubts to ribbons.  Mostly the first and 2nd ones.  The third one just needs a good exercise of faith to see the blessings.

So, that was the week in a nutshell.  I don't really know what to write these days, but I'm super excited for next week.
2 Weeks to Conference!

Elder Sampson

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