Monday, March 9, 2015

And... a Papaya

Sorry to those who wrote me and I didn´t have time to respond this week!
So this week, we got back from teaching and there was a cut papaya on Elder Chevalier´s bed.  The story 
is fantastic.

So there is a small market here (a big inclosed building) that sells fresh produce.  When we need it, there 
is a bathroom there that we use.  Elder Zuniga and Elder McMullin (reminder, elder Zuniga is training Elder 
McMullin) went in there because Elder Zuniga was using the bathroom, and when he does that, he gives a 
card to Elder McMullin, and tells him to go and share the gospel with someone.  So, Elder Zuniga comes 
out of the bathroom, and Elder McMullin is standing there with a papaya and a bag of 7 unripe pears.  He 
was very confused and asked where the fruit had come from.  Elder McMullin had gone to contact a lady 
right next to the bathroom, and had asked how much a pear is.  She just started piling pears into a bag, 
and in his first transfer portuguese he tried to tell her that he only wanted one.  She informed him that it 
was okay and he could buy the one now, and then come back the next day to pay for the rest.  To try to 
get out of it, he asked her how much the papaya was.  He was given the price, and she put it in the bag too, 
and he didn´t know how to undo what he had done.  She said 500 excudos (6 dollars) and he gave her 400 
(all he had) and then Elder Zuniga came out.  The next day they went back and found out that just the 
pears were 500, and the papaya was another 400, so he ended up, just wanting a pear, spending 10 
dollars on fruit.  

It was the first papaya he had ever tried, and found out immediately that he didn´t like it, so I enjoyed a 
large papaya this last week.  Also, Elder Zuniga and Elder McMullin like to joke alot, and Elder McMullin 
didn´t know how to eat a papaya (cut it, pull out the seeds and then eat the inside) and so when he 
asked how to eat it, Elder Zuniga told him to eat it like an apple, so there was a big bite mark on the 
skin of the papaya.  haha.  

This week was super good.  Actually like a roller coaster.  One day great the next pretty bad, etc...  We 
are working with tons of new people, especially a family of like 20 people that life in the same close area 
but not in the same house.  They are all super receptive to hear the gospel which is awesome.  Some 
of them came to church with us this week, which was fantastic.  We are back up to consistently breaking 
50 for our church frequency as well.  I am super excited to be working here.  Transfers are this week, 
so we will see, but I think that all of us are staying here.

This week I learning about the importance of preparing.  If you look at all of the scriptures under the 
word prepare, you can see that God doesn´t do anything without preparing first.  The Lord givith no 
comandment unto the children of men without Preparing a way for them (I don´t know exactly how it 
goes anymore in english). God prepared to create us and the world.  We need to prepare to keep the 
commandments and the mission rules and for the stregnth of youth, etc... because if we don´t we will 
get there and it will be too late.  Then it will be imposible to do everything good.  We will have to choose 
a good thing or a bad, or maybe a good thing and another good thing, or a bad and a worse, because 
we cant do both if we don´t plan.  Planning is good.

Elder Sampson

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