Monday, February 23, 2015

Avoiding Iniquity in Mexican Culture Goodness

Dear Everyone!

This week was a grand week!

We had the baptism of Irma on Saturday which was great.  The Church is in construction right now (they 
are putting in lots of new walls and stuff to make class rooms and offices and closets instead of just 
having one large open area).  The construction is going super fast.  We are very happy with the way 
that it is going.  The bulk of it should be done by next sunday.  Church was a little difficult, using half 
completed walls and everything is a bit dirty, but it was still really good.  I am hoping that we will get 
a new piano but that is probably a bit ludicris.  (Not completely sure how to spell that word)  I actually 
heard a real piano from outside a building today and it sounded soooo good.  It was the first time I have 
heard a decent piano the whole time I have been out here.  My MP3 Player died too so it has been a 
while since I have had music.  I have been listening to the music in sessions of conference though.  I 
am hoping to recover some of the music next week though.

Carnival was this week on tuesday and wednesday.  On tuesday, pretty much everyone went to Espargos 
for the parade and parties there, and then wednesday they came here.  We went out and taught a bunch 
in the morning and then came back for lunch a bit later, and just stayed in our house for the rest of the 
day.  We made tacos which were incredible.  The food I miss most I think is mexican food.  You can't 
get any of that here.  We made tortilas, and refried beans, and rice, and cheese hamburger meat, and 
just normal chicken taco meat, and the lettuce, and salsa (first time having salsa on the mission was 
here.  Made it ourselves) and cheese, and amazing sauce Elder Zuniga got in a package, and lime, 
and it was sooo good.  Expensive though.  So, be grateful for Cafe Rio and lots of Mexican people 
all over the place.

I did a division with the zone leaders this week.  Elder Evans came out here to divisionize with me.  
We have been out in the mission for the same amount of time.  It was really good.  We marked 
some people for baptism for this week.  Leap of faith, but one of them is going super well.  Marisa.  
She is awesome.  Most people here just accept everything but just say they accept it but don't 
enternalize it.  She is making super fast super solid progress.  I real miracle.  She will be baptised 
this week.

The branch is doing super well too.  I am super grateful for our branch president, President Rodrigues. 
He is really magnifying his calling, as is his one counselor Brother Victor.  We organized Visiting teaching 
and Home teaching this week, and made our branch mission plan.  I am super excited to be working here.  

The Church is True, and The Lord is in charge so if you don't want to do your best, He can find someone 
else to do it.  So, do your best.

Pray requires preparation.  Plan for the future (the long future, and the very close future (1 day) with Him)

Elder Sampson

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