Monday, February 2, 2015

The Last and the First

The last and the First


Jared Sampson

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to me
Dear everyone,
As they say here, she is bedju.

So, we just got back from taking Elder Manga to the airport, and last night at like 9 we took Elder 
Gooch to the airport, both of which are going home.  Also going home tonight is Sister Brock, who 
entered the MTC with me and came out the same day as me.  Weird.  So, now we have a new beginning, 
and will hit the ground running.  I am very excited for this new transfer and the oportunity to give more
 than I did in the past.  Elder Chevalier will be getting here in a few hours and we will be serving together.  He is from Utah I think.  I´m with Elder Zuniga right now, and he will be traning, so it will be a blast to have a greenie in the house that I am not training.  

Some things I learned from Elder Manga:
Watch your words.  Your words are very important, and if you say something, you´d better be 
committed to it.  That is one thing that makes God God.  When he says something, he does it, he
lives it, he fulfils it.

Recognize God.  Frequently I would say, thank you for helping me with this, or showing me this, 
or for being and example of this, and the response would always be, It´s not me, just God.
Be happy always.  If you aren´t happy, be happier.  If you are happy, praise God with singing and 

So this week, we had the baptism of Romário and Denilson.  Their family is progressing super 
well.  Jamile (12) was baptised a few weeks ago, and Romário (20 this week) and Denilson (10) 
were baptised.  I don´t know if I have ever met a 10 year old with such a strong drive and desire 
to be baptised and to continue.  He is like Mormon describes himself to be in Mormon 1.  (sober 
mind I think it is in english).  He wouldn´t focus in school lots of times because he was just thinking 
about being baptised, even before he had a set date for sure.  Their mom, Irma, also has started 
coming to church which is a miracle!  She knows the church is true, but works from 5 until 12ish, 
but last week she didn´t have keys because everyone was in church, so she showed, and now 
she showed up after work instead of going home and resting to see the confirmation of her sons.  
We are going to work so that Romário can maybe baptise his mom.  We are super excited.
We are also starting to work harder to establish the preisthood here.  We have very few preisthood 
holders, and without more, this area can never progress, so here we go.

So, that was the week.  I attached some pictures too.  I hope they are relevant!

Elder Sampson

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