Monday, December 29, 2014

What a Week

Hello Everyone!

Because of time this will be shorter, and pictures will probably have to wait until next week unfortunately because the computer I am on doesn't have a spot for an SD card.

So this week I learned lots of things, and lots of things happened.
So we showed up on Christmas eve at the house of a member, and one of her grandsons who is 12 told us as we walked in that he wanted to be baptized on Christmas day.  He has been coming to church for a long time, but never had parental permission, but they had been praying and fasting, especially his grandmother who is the relief society president, and had received permission, so we had a long review everything about the gospel lesson, and he was solid, and then the District Leader, Elder Gooch, showed up and we told him to do an interview right then, and then we called President Mathews to get special permission (because normally the interview has to happen the week before) and he gave it!

So Christmas day we got up, and went to the beach and Giovanny was baptized.  He was saying how he wants to work in Gods office now that he has given himself as a present to Christ, and is super excited.  He will receive the Aaronic Priesthood next week and will start passing the sacrament so we will have 2 people to pass instead of just 1.  It was a real miracle.

Speaking of sacrament meeting, we hit a new high this last week with 52 people in sacrament meeting, and 12 of them are investigators!  The struggles in this area are really different than my last where I went for 5 weeks without a single investigators in church.  We dont teach very much though, which is mostly our fault, and I hope we will be able to change this week.

I am learning a lot from Elder Manga, because he is happy Always.  He runs and skips and jumps (kind of figuratively) as we walk, and is a friend to everyone.  I love him a ton!

This week I learned again that if we are miserable or unhappy, we just need to follow the Holy Ghost.  If we are courageously following the Holy Ghost, we can know with a surety that we are okay.

I love you all.
Please have a good end of year and don't do anything stupid.

I know that the Lord also hopes that we give him a present this Christmas even if it is a little late.

Elder Sampson

Haha.  I wrote 1st but never got to 2nd or 3rd.  Haha.  Next week maybe.

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