Monday, January 5, 2015

The First Start to a new year

Before I forget, we have a mission blog now
(It will only be updated like once a month though)

Hey Everyone,

So this week was full of adventures and stuff.
Actually it was pretty normal.  (That means adventures and stuff though)

I already said this to a bunch of people, but, school is starting so don´t forget:
All Truth Comes From God
The Oportunity to Learn "Here a little and there a little" "line upon line and precept upon precept" come because of the Atonement of Christ (Without the Atonement, our learning processes would have to be completely perfect and without making mistakes).
When we do our best to learn truth, and not just go to school or do good on tests, God will help us.
The comandment to "examine the scriptures" can be applied to examine all truth.
Begging the Lord to help us learn His truth will result in calm and dedicated learning.

So this week we worked to resolve more differences between Elder Manga and myself so we can be more powerful.
We are used to doing things very differently, and I am definately learning to do what is pure doctrine instead of just habits and stuff.
We still have some way to go, but we will get there!  We are only together until the 1st of Febuary, so we have little time to become the most powerful possible!

This week we had a few rough spots with the new year.  People partying and stuff, but all of that is past now.
We have been working with a couple, Leila and Renny, who need to get married and stuff so they can get baptised.  As a result, I learned many truths this week while we were teaching.
One of these is more about the relationship between God and Jesus Christ, and how the gospel works to create that sort of relationship.  Marrage is an essential step to create that union.  (I am struggling to write a lot because this keyboard is terrible)  Last night we finally made some good steps with them as we read a paragraph from the proclamation.
Leila´s youngest brother who is 10 bore an awesome testimony yesterday in fast and testimony meeting.  He isnt a member yet, but he is the one in his family who is the most diligent to read and pray every day.  His sister who is 12 is the only member in his family.  He is a great example to me.

We also got news today that we finally got permission for Giovany´s cousin Harry to get baptised, so maybe this week, or maybe next week I will get baptised!

Also during fast and testimony meeting, The dog, ziggy, that belongs to Tia´s family (grandma of Harry and Giovany) loves the church, and found his way over and wanted to participate in the meeting.  I was playfully bit a few times in expulsing a dog from our meeting house, but it made me think if sometimes we want to be in church as much as the dog.

I love you all.

Until Next Week.

Elder Sampson
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