Monday, December 15, 2014


This will be short unfortunately because of lack of time. 
Because the airlines dont run around Christmas, transfers happened a week early.
I have now seen all 10 islands of Cape verde, and have served in 5 of them.  I am now on the flat and touristy island of Sal.  I will try to send pictures next week.  Sal means salt, and this island is just lots of sand. I has tons of tourists, and pretty much literally no agraculture.  I saw grass today for the first time from a far, and longed to go lay on it.  :)
I am serving with Elder Manga who I have known for a long time.  This is his last transfer.  He is from Gunea Bisseu but was living in Praia when he was baptised.  I am super excited.  I am in the city of santa maria, which is just built around this 5 star resort.  Sal has tons of beaches and stuff.  
So, that is pretty much it.
I left Ribeirao Manuel good, and am super sad to have left, but I know that the Lord has good things in store here.
On sunday we had 43 people in Church, and 5 investigators.  Sys brother Helton finally came to church.  He has changed so much.  On tuesday he was cooking and we just sat outside over a small fire and talked for like an hour and a half, and by the end he became super excited to live and try the gospel.  It was amazing.  He will be baptised on the 27th.  Elder Wallace stayed in the area and will cary on the work.
I am working right now on diligence, and I am confident that that will bless my life. 
We all have to work for many things in this life, and choosing something is one thing, but after choosing the right, we have to act with diligence.  Diligence is a consistant and persistant action to achieve.  I am grateful for Preach My Gospel and for this new area.
Please serve others this Christmas.  Many need our help.
I love this Church and know that it is true.

Elder Sampson

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