Monday, December 22, 2014

There went out a decree...

Dear Everyone,

Life is good here in the very different land of Sal.

Everyone here is fantastic, and I love them all.  The church has been here for about a year, and we had like 46 people in church.

We dont have any worthy melchesidic preisthood holders though, and Elder Gooch, who is in his last transfer who is from draper is the acting branch president because the branch president has been in portugual for 6 months trying to recover from something.  He should be back hypothetically next month though which means that people can get interviews and callings and stuff.

Also, next month our building is suposed to get renovated.  The building here is the worst or second worst one in cape verde.  It is just this big open space mostly.  We are excited for that.

Elder Zuniga also lives in my house, and he has been in Santo Antao for a long time (he came in right after me) and so it is awesome to hear all the updates on the sucess there.

Sal is flat.  The only thing that I have to climb at all is stairs.  Pretty much everyone lives in appartments.  It is like Euorpe in a lot of ways.  There are tourists all over, and you can rent bikes an ATVs and segways and stuff.  The people in general have more money and better financial circumstances.  There are a lot of people that come here and to boa vista from other islands because, although there is not any farming at all, there are tons on europeans that bring lots of money.  Everything is more expensive though.

Speaking of Boa Vista, they came out for our Christmas party on Saturday, but the flight was on thursday morning, so we had 8 elders here for 2 days, and did lots of divisions, so I spent 2 days with Elder Conway who was in my last district.  He came out with Elder Wallace.  We found many new people.

We have 2 families that are progressing for marrage.  Leila and Renny are one of them.  They have been coming to church for a few weeks now, and are progressing well.  Leila is stronger in the gospel than Renny.  He just recently started progressing.  They have 4 kids, and we are also teaching leilas mom, siblings, aunt and her family.  20 people more or less in all.

The other is Simone and Artu.  They live right by the church and Simone will have their first kid in january, however Artu is still deciding what he is going to do.  He is 23 and simone is 29, and so is a little less seasoned than Simone, but both are awesome!  They were Mary and Joseph at the Christmas party of our branch.  That was on Saturday, but we had practices all week for it.  It was well attended  There was tons of food and investigators.

Our mission Christmas Party was the same morning, and there was also lots of food.  We had a turkey dinner, and tons of desserts and stuff.  I have been sickish for 3 days because of all the food.  It was in Espargos.  There are 18 of us in the zone.  4 here, 4 in Boa vista, 4 elders in espargos, 4 sisters in espargos, and The Demkes who are awesome.  They are helping us with our families.

Elder Manga also is awesome.  He is always happy.  We are still getting used to each other, and many things are changing but I am learning a ton, and I know the Lord will allow us to work miriacles as we teach and work together.

I will talk to some of you on thursday, but for the others, I will talk maybe one day.

Please dont get too caught up in the spirit of comericalism.  Worldly fun ends way too fast.

Elder Sampson

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