Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Congrats and a Big Tree

Congratulations to Brad and Leslie!!!

I am glad that they are waiting to November 25th, 2015 to get married so I can get home in August and have a few months to get used to normal life again.  A year and a little is a long time to wait, but I am grateful for the sacrifice on their part for a poor, struggling servant of the Lord on a little african island in the middle of the ocean.

So this last week was alright.  It went by really fast.  There were a few highlights.
Oh.  And I forgot that today is tuesday.  Yesterday we had a conference with an area 70 so P day is today.  More about that later.

So today at the beginning of P day we went to the big tree.  It is a big tree.  A really big tree.  It is the biggest tree that I have ever seen.  I climbed up it a bit.  I attached 2 pictures that show part of the tree, and another with me and Elder Wallace in front of the tree.  We were there with Elder Lee and Elder (that got here today and will stay for 4 weeks, a mini missionary from tarrafal) Oliveira.  It is very hot right now.  Very hot.

So this last week no one showed up at church again.  It is very frustrating when people are sure that they will come, and then, as it sometimes feels like, lieing through their clenched teeth.  JUST KEEP YOUR WORD. IS HONESTY SO HARD!?!?!?!?!   Anyways.  That is very difficult.  The youth didn't get back from EFY too so our church frequency dropped like 10 people from 45s to 35s.  But, keep pressing forward.

So we had a conference yesterday with Elder Morreiro from the 70 who is doing a mission tour here.  It was fantastic.

We had a training from Sister Mathews about The Plan of Salvation.  “There are two types of missionaries, those who know the Plan of Salvation, and those for whom the Plan of Salvation has become the eyes through which they see the world.”  President Eyring.  She talked about Peter, who denied the Christ 3 times.  He had fear because he didn't see the world throught the plan of salvation.  However, because of this experience, he changed, and became so powerful that people hoped that just his shadow whould pass over them.  He was put into prison because of it.
We talked about the importance of families and finding and baptising families.
We also talked about the importance of real love.

Then Elder Morreiro talked to us for a looooong time.  But it was awesome.  My favorite quote that he shared was from Elder Bednar.  We preach the gospel to make the uncomfortable comfortable, and the comfortable uncomfortable.  That is true wisdom that we need to apply in every thing that we do.  We need to be powerful missionaries, to know the scriptures, and to excercise faith to act and to change ourselves.  The past was good, but we can not stay there.  It we do not get better, quickly, we will lose.  It is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of Man.  If we choose to not give our all to the work of the Lord, the work will not fall, but we have such a potential to change things if we do so, like king Benjamin in the last 2 verses of words of Mormon.

I am working harder.  I am giving my all now.  Please pray that I can do better than I am doing right now, and do your part to further the work.  Especially, where and to whom is applicable, using social media.

I love you all, and wish a good week to everyone.

Elder Sampson
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