Monday, September 29, 2014

Altidi's Baptism

Dear All,

This week was full of many learning experiences that helped me be very much ready and excited for this week!

So firstly, Altidi was baptised this week.  He is a boss.  I am so grateful to be able to know him.  He is going to be a big help to this branch., and is changing his live every day.  He is really converted to the book of mormon, and is very excited to come to conference this week.  I attached a picture of his baptism.  Unfortunately not a lot of people showed up to the baptism.  Everyone that was supposed to give talks didn't end up making it, because one was still working, and the other lost three cows, which is a ton of money if he doesn't find them.  Three cows could sustain his family for the whole year.  He was out until dark trying to find them, then sat there sunday, and then first thing this morning went out again to try to find them.  The only other member that showed up for the baptism that isn't the ward mission leader, gave a talk on baptism, and then it was announced that I would be giving a talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost, which was spontanious, but the talk turned out really good.  I talked about the miracle that happened with the deciples of Chist the day that they recieved the gift of the holy ghost on the day of penticost in Acts 2, and how all 3000 of those converts were strong forever, and that He was recieving the same gift, that we all can use if we have the faith enough!

So transfers happened yesterday.  I was pretty sure that I was staying as well as Elder Wallace, and Elder Lee.  We knew Elder Oliveira was going home because his mini-mission was over (see the other picture).  However, instead of getting a new companion in our area, Elder Lee was taken out, so now it is just us.  Our area is like a third of the biggest island in Cabo verde.  I think the only area that could potentially be bigger is the area I was in in Santo Antao.  To walk from one end of our area to the other would take probably about 4 hours or so, just from south to north.  We will be walking a ton.  I am really excited though.  We really need to work better with all of the members and stuff now that there are only Elder Wallace and I here.  Please Pray for me, and For Elder Wallace, and for us, that we can work together, and then that we can work together with the branch, and know how to best use our time and focus our efforts.  It is going to be an adventure.

Also, IT'S ALMOST GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!   I am so excited!  I literally can't wait.  This week is going to pass super slowly just because I can't wait for it to get here.  I hope we all can prepare.

So this weeks spiritual though is about Religion, or to tie back to God.  When we live religion, we understand that everything ties back to God, and in turn to Christ, and in turn to Christ's perfect atonement.  We can not comprihend what he felt and suffered, but every blessed time we have to suffer, we must also realize that we can't make it back without Christ and understanding his atoneing sacrifice.  It is completely nessicary.  Without suffering, we could never understand the atonement to the same level.  Suffering is atonement school.  When we give talks, when we talk with others, when we share our testimonies, all these things are tied to Christ.  If we forget Him, we have nothing to go off of.  The most powerful talks and stuff all realize that we must tie it back to Christ.
I know that the church is true, and Christ Acts Now.  This is His work.

Elder Sampson
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