Monday, September 22, 2014

Of all the weeks, this was not the one


This week in the Secluded Islands under the sun was very not the greatest week of my mission, and I am hoping for an upward growth.

So, first of all, Altidi wasnt baptized.  He will be baptized this week I am praying.  We taught him every day this week.

So this week I learned a lot and did a lot of self searching.

I was blessed this week to go on a spontaneous division with Elder Heagney who is from Australia and is one of the Assistants to the President, and will be going home in 2 weeks.  He is a very good teacher of people.  We went out to find people, and ended up finding that our appointment was giving a tattoo to someone, so we went to try to find someone else only to find out through his neighbor that he had moved.  We were leaving and felt inspired to return and talk to that guy.  His is like 23 and was on facebook on his bed without a shirt on and didnt really want to let us come in, but Elder Heagney spoke through the spirit to him, getting us 5 minutes to talk to him about the restoration.

We taught, and I felt like the greenie because it was sooooo powerful, and I just felt like I didnt want to ruin it, and that I was completely overwhelmed, because we have been lacking power in our teaching recently.  We stayed 15 mins with him, and spoke his thoughts and desires to him before he expressed them.  It was an experience that will definately change the way that I teach and live.  I know that this is the true church.

I also learned this week about the power of Liahonas.  For those of you who never really understood what the liahona is, most of the world doesnt have the friend, ensign, and new era.  Actually, I saw a new era for the first time in a year and was baffled today.  I forgot they existed.  The Liahona is like those 3 compiled into one.  Anyways, I learned some many great things this week from them.  One of those was about how when we have the opportunity to teach, we can be powerful if we are motivated by live, conversion is the goal, we teach based on the doctrines of Christ, and we invite others to live gospel principles better.

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