Monday, September 15, 2014

Strengthen when you put out, and Be Strengthened when you take in

So, The theme of this week is

Strengthen when you put out, and be strengthened when you take in.

That means when you do something, to make sure that you are stregnthening others, and when you revieve things, to remember to be strengthened.  It doesn´t make sense to read or study, or go to classes when you aren´t going to be stregnthened. Like wise, we must stregnthen others in every thing we do!

If you think about how much bad in the world, we deffinately have a lot to do!

We have the blessing as members of the church to do everything possible to become like Christ, and WE CAN NOT BE LIKE HIM IF WE DO NOT STREGNTHEN OTHERS.  That was his way, his ministry.  If you think about President Monson, I am sure that he has struggles and stuff, but i am sure also that the situation around him is different because just with his presence, many things change.  I don´t think anyone would knowingly do wrong to another in the presence of the prophet.

We can become the kinds of people that change everything around us because of our standards and faith.

So.... Zé didn´t come to church, but Altidi did!  So, he can be baptised this week!!!

I am sooo excited.  He is progressing and commented that he can see how much he has changed since the day that we found him.

Our branch could use some prayers though.  Please pray for it!  That is important.

Other than that, the week was pretty really rough.

We walked a lot and stuff, and taught not as much.  We did start teaching a few new good faces though.

We also had 4 whole investigators in church.  Only 6 more until we are up to par!

I feel like I don´t really have that much to say this week.   I feel like I already started with the most important thing I had to say.

The week was pretty uneventful.  Full of personal trials and stuff which is always good.  I love learning.

So, that will be it for today.

Elder Sampson

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