Monday, August 25, 2014

A Big Gash

Dear Family,

So this week was weird but good.  I finally got a new real comp.  He is my new son.  His name is Elder Wallace.  He is from the Ogden Area.  He is super sweet, and is already speaking really well, although he doesn´t understand any creole.  Haha.  So glad I already passed that phase.  More about him later.

So the week started out normal.  Thursday morning I had to go to Praia to pick up Elder Wallace, and my comp was going home, so I just got up at 5:20, got ready by myself, and then walked out of the front door alone, and then took a car and walked some more into Assomada alone.  Weird.  But, that was what they told me to do.  In Assomada, I got with Elder Drawe who is one of my good friends, and we grabbed a car to go to Praia to pick up our comps.  We had a training, and then the new missionaries came in and we hid in the back room.  When they called our names we ran out to meet our new comps.  When they called my name, I jogged energetically out and then turned to get around some chairs to go and greet him, but there was something on the floor and so I slid, and biffed it really bad, taking out a fan and a chair.  I got up quickly and then went and greeted him, but ended up thinking that I broke a rib for a few hours, but now I just have a big bruse and gash under my left arm.  Talk about first impressions.  Haha.  It is healing well though.

So Elder Wallace is fresh out of High School.  He played soccer, and did some other sweet stuff.  He teaches really well for being just out to the MTC.  He is ajusting well to cape verde, even though that transition is always a little bit rough.

On Friday for lunch the guy who owns our house who lives in France who is visiting invited us to eat with him, so we had this 5 course meal that was suuuuuuper good.  Elder Wallace didn´t really like it, because he is new, but in a month or two he will wish that he had enjoyed it more because it was delicous.  I ate soooooo much.

So the area is still struggling to get people to church, but we have 10 more people in church on average than we did when I first got here which is good.  We will keep working.  We have one investigator named Zé who is super super prepared that came to church on sunday which was good.

So this week´s spiritual thought comes from Luke 22.

Christ commanded his deciples to pray, to not enter into temptation.  That is the commandment for all of us.  Don´t sin.  Do what it takes to not sin.  Then he went and suffered for our sins.  He came back, and the deciples were sleeping.  He reproved them, and then gave them the same instruction as before with one word added.  RISE and pray, to not enter into temptation.  The commandent to not sin still existed.  They failed though.  The atonement makes possible the RISE part.  Get up.  You messed up.  You weren´t perfect, but Christ suffered for your sins.  RISE and do everything to not sin anymore.
In verses 50 and 51 talkes about the guy who had his ear cut off and then healed.

I don´t know what happened after he was healed, but I would like to think that there was a change that happened within him.  He was litterally cut down, but Christ healed him. When we get cut down in our lives, we must let Christ heal us, and then go with all the force of our hearts to be a changed person.
In Verse 53 I like how Christ says that he was always in the temple preaching, but now that the priests were in the darkness, they were laying their hands on him.  That makes me have to answer the question, Am I like them?  Do I act differently when people aren´t watching, or when people are watching?

I know that this is the True Church.
Good luck to everyone doing important stuff this week, going on missions, etc... and stuff.

Love You All
Love You Family!

Elder Sampson

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