Monday, August 4, 2014

Well, the Week Flew By! (7/28/14)

So, this last week was a good week all in all!
First off, Sónia was baptised this week and confirmed.  Satan tried really hard to stop it, but we won!  God is more powerful than satan.  She and another member were teaching a lesson yesterday, and I can feel that she now has the Holy Ghost.  I believe that I would be able to tell when someone recieved the holy ghost even without knowing because, every time, there is such a diference between before and after.  Even if they have a hard time recognizing it, I can feel a difference! I attacned some pictures of the baptism, and of a spider that I took that is not related to the baptism, but it is a sweet picture.  We have those all over our house, especially in our garage, but we only go into the garage when we need to fix our water pump which happens all to often, but hasn't happened in a few weeks which is a blessing.
Another miracle of this week is with the mom of a young man.  Lito who is 14 is always with the Elders Quorum president.  They work, and do everything together.  Lito has been coming to church for a while now, but we won't baptise a 14 year old kid alone, even if he has the support of this member, because in 2 years or so, when he isn't always with this member, he can easily fall.  We taught his mom 9 weeks ago, and in the area book I have writen, She is catholic and refuses to change.  The Lord however has been changing her, and on sunday when we went back after a long long time of not talking to her, I forgot we had asked before, and asked about her religion, and she said that she doesn't have one but would like to know about the true one!  We marked her a date for baptism, and invited her to pray about Joseph Smith.  We will see how that goes this week!  It was a real blessing.
So, some people it appears are confused about my companion.  Elder Pires got his visa, but he doesn't leave until the 13th.  We still have 2 more weeks together which is good!  Keep praying for us!
Also, congrats to everyone that is almost or already out on missions as of recent!  Good luck to you all!  The Lord is ready to bless you more than you have ever been blessed before!
This week, also we had a great time doing a division with the Assistants.  I learned a lot of things, and was really blessed to do that division!

Oh Man, time is sooooo short today.
I love you all, and have a great week!

Elder Sampson
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