Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keep it Up (July 14, 2014)

Dear Everyone,

Thank you so much for you prayers for me and my comp.  I literally have felt them during this week.  I had no doubt that when I showed up here that I would find that you have been praying for us becuase the Spirit told me that you were.  Thank you.  Please don´t stop.  Please realize that the Lord answers prayers, and that He is answering right now.  Please take this opportunity to learn to pray more fervently, knowing that He is responding and helping according to your faith.  Thank you.

So this week was pretty good.

One of our investigators, Sónia, finally came to church!  She said afterward that it was the best day of her life.  We had talked to her last week about why she hasn´t been coming to church, and she said that she is always sleeping and so never comes to church, because church starts at 9 and she gets up at like 9:30 every day, and we didn´t believe that it was something so simple that was keeping her from coming to church, so we talked about repentance and that she can repent by coming to church in the future, and one way to show the Lord her desire to repent is to get up earlier every day, so she got up at 8 every day this last week, and then showed up to church super early which was stellar, and... Had the best day of her life.  The Church is True.   `nuf said.

So on another day this week we had a super powerful experience.  We had marked to go out and teach with a preist in the branch, and as we were walking we ran into another member who decided to go teach with us too.  We went out to the area, and started passing our appointments, but weren´t teaching anything.  We ended up at the work (construction work) of a member and an investigator, and the investigator left, but we stayed with the member and were just sitting there and everyone was joking around and stuff, and not doing missionary work.  And I kept thinking:  well, I´m here in Cape Verde to teach the gospel.  I can chill with people in America, but I am here to be a missionary, so I finally told everyone that we were leaving, and so all 5 of us, Me, My comp, and 3 members, started walking, and everyone else was all joking around and not really focused in the work, and (my voice has been almost gone all week, but it´s life!) I managed to sing a little bit of called to serve, and that helped everyone pay attention to the work of the Lord, and the we went off the side of the road, and we said a prayer, and started going to really teach and the spirit was with us.  We taught one lesson, and it was inspired, and then we followed the spirit to another house, even though we knew that the person wasn´t home, and the spirit said to sing a hymn, so we sang a hymn for the persons dad, and he started to cry, and the spirit was super strong, then we went to try to find someone else, and it was getting late, and it takes 45 mins to walk home, and so if we don´t get lucky and find a car to take us, we have to leave at like 8:35 to get home, but as it hit about 8:40 and we were walking home, full of the spirit, I recieved a revelation of things that were to come.  Through the Holy Ghost I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we would find a car to get home faster.  It came super powerfully, and I was so confident that it was true because I knew that it came from the Holy Ghost.  Right after this, the Spirit prompted us to enter the house of someone we could never find during the last 6 weeks, and so, knowing that we would get a car home, we were able to follow the spirit and enter, and re-establish contact with these people that are not progressing super well.  Right after we left the visit there, we got a car to take us home, and were able to follow the spirit, and make a big difference in the lives of people, and fulfil all of the mission rules and commandments.

I testify that when we follow the Spirit, the Spirit will show us the way to make miracles happen while following the commandments, and rules that have been justly set.
I know that this is the True Church.

We were also blessed with a miracle yesterday in finding a man who is a strong member who lives far from our area, but passes it every day that is able to help with the needs of a specific investigator.  It was a real blessing and miracle.

Last thing.
So we hold a night of miracles every monday night at the house of one of our members.  We talk about miricles from the scriptures, from our lives, and how we will make miracles happen in our lives during the next week.  I invite everyone for FHE to hold a night of miracles, and to talk about how they happen, and what you can do to make miracles happen in your life and in the life of other people.

Elder Sampson

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