Monday, July 21, 2014

It was the best of times, it was the best of times, even though it isn't always easy!

Dear Everyone,

I have the greatest mother that has ever lived.  Thank you so much for teaching me and being an example to me of charity, and gratitude, and patience, and peace, and of living the gospel!

So this week was interesting and good and stuff.  Unfortunately because of time, this will be briefer.
So this week I was able to see real progress.  We have been making progress, but when I got here we were at nothing, and so it has been hard to see the slow progress that has been made, but this week, we have gotten so far that I really can see the difference that is being made here.  Things are getting better with my comp, and with our investigators, and with the area, and with the branch.

Thank you for your prayers in my behalf.  I felt them again this week.  It is a different but good feeling to know by the spirit during the week that people are praying for you.  Thank you for your faith.
So this week Sónia is getting baptised.  It has been a grand journey that is starting with her.  She is really becoming converted.  The last thing this branch and the church need are some flakey recent converts, and sometimes, especially here where it is so easy to baptise, missionaries baptise people that aren´t really ready and solid, but Sónia is really changing and she will be a great help the the Lord´s work, especially in this branch.

This week there have been a bunch of parties in our areas, and we have walked a ton ton ton ton ton.  On the bright side, I am loosing some of the fat that comes from eating cape verdian food that is all cooked with lots of oil every day.  I hope this week will be better.  I have faith that it will.  I am ready to act in accordance with that faith to win this week, and to make a difference.

This week´s spiritual though is about making a difference.
When we have desires to make a difference, the Lord will help us when:
It is something just.
We want it to glorify Him, and not ourselves.
We are willing to act.

So, think about how you want to make a difference and go for it.  Life is about making a difference.  Be it Big or Small.

Love you all!!!

Elder Sampson

Also, attached is a picture of me and my comp!
Editor's note:  Sorry -- I couldn't get this picture to copy :/

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