Monday, June 2, 2014

Oh Man.....Miracles. Incredible

So, this week was great.

I am serving with Elder Levi who I think I said is from Mesa Arizona.  He is awesome.  He has a large desire to work, and although some of his recent comps haven´t worked that hard, he is very humble, and immidately made changes when I showed up since I am more used to doing stuff the right way.  He really knows how to explain the scriptures and is helping me make sure that I am teaching people and not marking numbers.

We started working in our area, which is so different and so awesome.  We have a strong strong ward with tons of RMs and everything is super sweet.  We are in the city so there are sooooo many people, and all the stuff that you should be able to do, like getting references easily, happen.  It took me a few days to get used to the city, and now I never want to leave.  It is just so awesome.  I showed up at church, and just went to church, instead of doing everything possible to try to make church happen without too many problems.  All of the classes and stuff were well taught, everything started on time, and everyone was super friendly and stuff.  Awesome.

We have a bunch of families progressing towards baptism, and we started doing some things and using some tools that the old elders here have neglected to help them progress.

One of these families is the family of Antunina, Paulino, and thier 14 year old son Zelito.  I love love love this family.  Antunina´s friend from work showed here the church, and she has been going for a few weeks, and then two weeks ago the husband and son started to go.  The have been married for like 6 years which is strange, but awesome!  Anyways, so we worked all week with them, and helped the son and dad learn everything, and they were baptised on Saturday.  It was amazing amazing amazing.  Also our church is awesome.  The building looks like ones in america (except it has turf not grass, and everything sorrounding it is dry and dirt).  It was incredible to help them be baptised.  On sunday, The General Primary President and Second Counselor in the general Relief society presidency, and the Europe area president, and president and sister Oliveira came to our ward, and talked about how awesome it is to have a whole familiy baptised in the church, and it was amazing!!!  I am so grateful for the miricles here.  This is soooooo incredible.

Then, Sunday night came, and we were traning a member to help out our baptism for this saturday and next saturday...  Then President Oliveira Called.

I was transfered to serve in the middle of the island in a part off the side of Asamada.  I am serving with a visa waiter, Elder Andrade who is from Fogo.  I have known him for a while. He will be going to brazil when his visa comes.  This area is on the side of a big city, and I am in a small weak branch again.  Our house is in the middle of nowhere, and our area is a 1.5 hour walk in one direction from our house, and a 2 hour walk in an other I have been told.  The have only 9 investigators right now, and they don´t seem that solid.  Anyways, so I havd a great one week in the civilazation and a strong area, and now I am here.  Yay!  It seems like a decent bit needs to be done here (clearly), so pray for me!

This week the spiritual thought is about following the spirit.  Many times we know that we should follow the spirit, but we either try too hard, and just do everything ourselves without him, or maybe following him a little, or thinking that just letting go and "winging it" is following the spirit.  But, that is not true.  The Spirit encourages to do good, brings peace to ourselves and others, and invites all to do good and serve God continually.  May we all seek to follow the spirit this week.

Elder Sampson

Also, so the area I was in is a cachabodie area which is creole that comes from english (cash or body).  My old area was rather dangerous but it was fun too.  I escaped untouched though.  Haha.  It was exciting.  No one has every gotten hurt or anything though.  Just confused youth that want watches and lose change.  The area here is the boonies that has no crime.

I am trying to send pictures, but it isn´t working because of the internet restrictions. I will try something different next week that should work.

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