Monday, May 26, 2014

Transfer has Ended

Dear Family, friends, and fellow countryfolk,

This last week was good.  Thanks to the help of two members, they have been making a big difference in our work, we had some great success!

Zezito, who is 22, has been picking up on things faster and faster, and he is progressing so well that we moved his baptisimal date up 2 weeks.  That way he can help all of his friends and family as a real live member.

So we have been talking with this guy who lives on the street, and he has been to church once, but never does anything to change his life.  We talk to him every so often about how he can make the changes he needs, but he never really does that much.  The other day we were talking to him.  He never asks for money, but he does show people where he lives and cooks, and stuff like that all the time.  he has shown us many times, but he always asks us for him to show us where he lives etc...  So we were talking to him, and he was talking about how he has no food, and stuff, and he says,
"Let me show you where I sleep"
and Elder Sanchez said, "its right there" and pointed at it.
Then he said,
"Let me show you where I cook"
and Elder Sanchez said, "its right there" and pointed at it.
Then he said,
"Let me show you where I use the bathroom"
and Elder Sanchez said, "its right there" and pointed at it.
He has shown us a million times.

Then I said to him, "if you want your life to get better, you have to repent.  You have to make changes.  One of the commandments of God is to not take certain substances.  If you don´t drink, God will bless you and you will have money for food and to get on your feet and to get in a house."

He protested a little, but we gave him the word of wisdom pamphlet and he said he would read it.
One sunday, he went up to Elder Sanchez, and said, "I read the book, and then went to the hospital" and elder sanchez was thinking, what does that have to do with anything, then he said "I am addicted to alcohol." something we didn´t know. "it is ruining my life.  I need to change".

This was a miriacle that as we invited him to repent, his life on the street started to change, and I hope that he will continue on the path of repentance to have a good life now and after this life.
The miracles of God are Great!

So I got a call saturday night that I was getting transfered.  I went to church, gave a talk and said goodbye to people, then got on a haice and then a boat.  I was alone for like 4 hours.  It was weird.  I got transfered and am now serving in the city of Praia, in the area of Ponta d´Água with Elder Levi who is from Arizona.  I am excited.
I am super sad to be leaving the best island in the world, but I am also excited to be here.  I know that The Lord knows what I need even if it is super hard to leave the place and the people I love.  We are going to do a good work here though.  I am super stoked.  We have 3 baptisms this week too.  A family, which is super awesome.  Mom, Dad, and child.  Awesome.

I love the attitudes that we can see in the scriptures.  I don´t have much time today, but I invite everyone to get INTO the scriptures this week, especially the book of mormon, and see about the attitudes of people and how we can apply those attitudes to our own lives. (or not apply as the case may be).

I love you all.

Elder Sampson

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