Monday, May 5, 2014

The Will of the Lord

Dear Family, friends etc...

So this week was spectacular. Full of last minute things.

We were excited to have a full week in our area this week without having to go to São Vicente, but that didn´t work out because we got a call that we had a meeting on Saturday, so we spent all of Friday and Saturday out of our area.  That was a bit rough.  We really only have 4 real days a week to work when that happens, and that makes things rather difficult.  Our investigator inventory is dwindling right now because we are never here.  It kind of stinks.  Oh well.  We got a call yesterday that we have zone conference this week, so we have to leave wednsday all day to get there, the meeting is thursday, we come back friday, and so in those three days we only have 3 hours at the end of friday, and most of that will be spent setting up a skype interview.  Man.  I just want some time to work.  These meetings are incredible, but they are also killing us.
So, the miracles of last minute stuff this week.

So on Wednesday we got a call from the Zone leaders saying that they had recieved revelation that everyone in the zone could find one more person to be baptised this week.  We started thinking and praying, and then the next morning was weekly planning.  We planned for Claudio and a couple of other people that could potentially be baptised on that day.  It was nice.  Then right after we finnished planning, Claudio called us.
Claudio is from Praia, and was a golden person there.  He was taught everything, and was ready to be baptized then 2 days before his baptism, he got a teaching job here way up in the mountains and so he moved here.  We went and visited him right after he arrived, and set up some stuff, but then there were some complecations and he didn´t really feel the need to get baptised here because he is one day going back to Praia and he will be baptised there where he lives closer to the church (he lives 30 mins in a car here) because he knew that he needed to be baptised and that he wanted to be baptised, but didn´t feel the need here.  He was almost baptised but then pulled out last second.  We left him for like a month, and didn´t really hear from him until we recieved the revelation that someone could be baptised the next week.  He told us that he needed to talk to us.  He had had many experiences in the last month, and had decided that he couldn´t live anymore not going to church and not being baptised.  We marked him to be baptised after church on sunday so that he could go to church here at least once, and then be confirmed the next week.  Do to some complecations, it didn´t happen this week, and had to be put off for next week, but it was still sweet.  He will be baptised this saturday.  I am super excited for him.

That was pretty much what happened this week.

Also, Happy Birthday to Papa and Happy Mothers day to every mother out there.
I am so grateful for my dearest mother who is the best mom in the world.
Cape Verdian Mothers day was this week, so we wished people happy mothers day here this week.

Right now we could use some prayers to build up our progressing investigators and investigators in general. We have many other miracles with less actives coming back and stuff like that, but we are very much struggling with investigators.  So, Please pray for us!

Spiritual though for the week:
So, The Anti-nephi-lehites make a promise not to take up arms anymore.
Then the enemy comes, and starts killing them.
They did not break their covenant, even at the cost of their lives.
A lot of times we look at the 2000 stripling warriors as a great example, and they are, but also sometimes we don´t see the incredible example of their fathers.  Men who knew their responsibility to defend and provide for their families, who, because of their sins in the past, had to deal with the concequences.  Many times in our lives we see long term effects of past sins.  Even though we can recieve forgiveness completely, the more we sin, the more we end up hindering our future. We put walls around our lives because if we repent completely, we can´t go to those places or anywhere near them anymore.  It is a process that clearly shows us why we have to repent now, and that the concequences of sin aren´t just short term.  We must repent now, and above all avoid sinning in the future!

I hope to everyone the best of a week.

Elder Sampson

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