Monday, May 19, 2014

The last week maybe Here

Dear Family, this last week has been the second to last week of the transfer, and I am hoping that I am not getting transfered but I have been here since december, so if I can´t write on monday, that would be why.

So this last week has been full of adventures.

I saw firsthand the powers of Satan and the power that he has to cause misery and agony, and also the power that we have to beat him when we all rely on the Lord.  The Atonement has the curing power in everything.  We are changed through the gracious power of the atonement.  The sacriment is amazing like that.

I am translating these scriptures from Portuguese, so if they aren´t translated exactly right, sorry.
Christ taught about the Sacriment, and then said in verse 10 of 3 Nephi 18
"Blessed are ye for this that ye have done, because this fulfills my comandments, and testifies to the Father that ye have the desire to do what I command you."  Something like that.
When we take the sacriment, we fulfil all of our obedience.  When our goal is to talk the sacriment, then we do everything that we need to during the week to follow the spirit and to be pure of heart.  These things are so important, and in many people here, Satan tries so hard to stop the sanctity of the sacriment, and to take away the importance of it, but the sacriment fulfills the comandments of Christ, and without it, we can not recieve the peace that comes through the atonement.

3 Nephi 18 is a great chapter, and I would invite everyone to read it and see how you can apply it in your home.
I wish I had more time to expound on this chapter.

So this week, Claudio, who was baptised two weeks ago is still having some struggles, so you all can pray for him if you want.  Just make sure it is a "Prayer of Faith" because that is true and sincere prayer.

This week we also didn´t have to go to Sao Vicente which is so nice because that means that we had lots more time to work here.  The Lord is opening this area up as we rely on Him.  When I got here, this area was on fire, and slowly the work got slower, and now it is finally picking back up and lots of investigators that we had before that disapeared off the face of the earth, have been showing back up with new vigor.  We have people running out of their houses with the book of mormon when we walk by to talk to someone who lives by their house.

The Church is True, and the Lord, when we seek to do acts of charity, and do His will blesses us.  It is amazing.  Yesterday we heeded a call to hike way up into the montains to find a guy who needed our help, and skipped another lesson to do so, but the Lord blessed us with someone to give us a ride right after the lesson 20 mins to the appointment we skipped, and it went well.

Love, Elder Sampson

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