Monday, June 9, 2014

First Week in Assomada

Dear Everyone,

So this week was my first week in assomada (or, next to assomada).  There is a road that goes from Assomada to TarraFal that is like 15 miles, and we live on the side of it, and our area goes out for a long ways.  We have one zone, a 40 min walk from our house in the middle of nowhere, and another super long one that is an hour walk or so away in the other direction.  The other elders that live in our house work in the middle close to our house.  It makes things a little difficult, but oh well.

I am serving with Elder Pires, who is from Fogo.  He is waiting for a visa to go to brazil.  He is great, and has a lot of learning and growing to do!

We started off this last week without less actives or investigators.  We contacted a lady who turns our lives in our area and is less active, and so we started working with her and her man.  We now have 13 investigators, and 7 of which have a date for baptisms.  The Lord really blessed us this week through the members.  One of our areas has only 4 active members, and the other only 2, so we pretty much only have 6 members.  The rest live in the middle next to the church.  It is a good area.  We started teaching a man, and although he didn´t make it to church this week, 2 of his kids that we had never taught went.  They are 19 and 20, and when we went over on sunday after church the 20 year old was reading the resuration pamphlet that we had given her dad.  It was awesome.  We also found out that the Dad is already married, which never never never happens here.  Never.  That is a great miracle.  There are I think 7 of them in their family that can be baptised in the near future. That is a real blessing.

This week´s spiritual thought is about following the Holy Ghost.  When we dilligently seach to learn how to follow the Holy Ghost, and then Follow the Holy Ghost, we are blessed beyond anything we can imagine.
This Live is a time for us to prepare to meet God.
We prepare by doing His will.
We always do His will when we follow the Spirit.
When we do His will we are blessed.

It is very simple, but more difficult to do.

I Love You All, and Hope that you look for the tender mercies of the Lord this week.

Love, Elder Sampson

Attached are pictures of our Baptisms in Praia.  Antunina, Paulino and Zelito.
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Me with Elder Pires
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Me with Elder Levi (If that one sends)

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