Monday, June 30, 2014

Well, We Tried

So this week had some stellar stuff and some "well... that´s life" stuff.

So the more or less stuff:
We tried to find Nuno all week.  We dropped a ton of lessons every day to go to the area he lives in to try to find him, to no avail.  So, in the end he wasn´t baptised and didn´t come to church.

We also found out that the girl who was supposed to get baptised this week didn´t actually go to church last week alone and didn´t come this week.  Great.

Also, Elder Gilbert, who lived in my house, went to america, and so I was in a trio for 2 days which shafted both of them.

Also, we found out that one of our less actives who lives with another man who is not a member and they aren´t married is actually married to someone else right now.  Man, big commandment breaking.

The Good News, is that they want to live the commandment, and She is going to work this week to get divorced with this guy that lives in Portugal, and then get married to this other guy so they can live the commandments.  They didn´t come to church, but their 9 year old daughter came alone, and she is sweet!
Also good that happened this week is that we got to see President Oliveira one last time.  They came out to do house inspections 2 days before they went home, but didn´t have time, and so we just had a small zone meeting which was awesome and we talked about the future.  Pretty much all of the transfers that were supposed to happen this sunday already happened.  The only things that will change will be giving greenies comps when they come in next week.

We talked about miracles in that meeting, and the spirit was super strong.
We had a meeting with 2 of our 5 members that are active in our 2 areas, about miracles, and the spirit was super strong.  We made plans based out of Moroni 7:31 which talks about covenants and miracles.

Our plan has 3 parts:
1. Personal Worthiness to Covenants
2. Help others Make or Return to living covenants
3. Night of Miracles which will take place every week to help us talk about and see the miracles that are happening and make plans to have miracles happen.

Everyone wants to see miracles.  We just need to have enough faith to make them happen.
So, find more faith this week!!!

Elder Sampson

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