Monday, March 3, 2014

I Don't Really Know What to Call This Last Week

So this last week was like the first normal week in a while, except it has been kind of slow because of Carnival.

Elder De Pina is awesome.  I still don´t know where his family will be living, and he doesn´t either, but I will let you know when I do.
So I got a package from the Louies and from the Gridleys.  Thank You!!!
I also got some letters from Grandma Deana and Josh Card.  Thank you for those as well!
So I hope that everyone is doing well coming in to one of the best seasons of the year, April 1st.
Right now is Carnival. That is a nice holiday that I don´t like very much.  People just pretty much get rid of laws and stuff to party and break commandments, and waste money.  It is kind of sad.
So this week was very poor with investigators. No one was home and stuff, but we made it into the mountains to Figeral two times this week and started working with like 8 less actives which will be great because a bunch of them are ready to come back to activity.  We are really pushing to make progress because in a long time in the past we have been losing people just as fast as we baptise them.  We fasted multiple times this week, and that helped.  The Lord is great!
Nothing super interesting happened this week.  The transfer got extended because they can´t get flights because of carnival so this transfer is 7 weeks.  I have no idea what will happen the end of this week, but whatever it is, it will be good.
Today we did construction work in the new church for 3 hours.  It was good.  It should open the first week of next transfer, so I hope I am not transfered.
Man, the scriptures are great.  As a missionary sometimes we don´t have tons of time to just read the book of mormon straight through because we are studying stuff for people, but the book of mormon is fantastic.  We had a great lesson with Denise the other day where we just shared favorite scriptures and stuff from the book of mormon.  She and Ana really have testimonies of the book of mormon. 
 Denise is already like half way through and I don´t know exactly where ana is.
We had a ward council meeting on sunday, and we actually had a representitive from every auxiliary in the church pretty much.  Soooooo nice.  We made some exelent progress.  On of our biggest problems is home teaching and visiting teaching which don´t really happen.  So, pray for the people here to do their visits.
One thing that is important with Home and Visiting teaching is the fact that we visit people, not do visits.  I´m not sure if I mentioned this last week, and don´t have time to check, but if I did, It is still imporant.  Home and Visiting teaching is to help people. Not to do visits.  The purpose is to help people.  It is easy to say, I don´t have time to do a visit, but no one will say, I can´t help someone that needs help.  Man.  Sometimes our perspectives are all wrong.  The same thing with church.  We go to church to be edified, not to get marked on a roll or anything.
I will try to send pictures next week.  This week, I can´t because elder De Pina has my camera.
So the spiritual challenge today is about sacrifice.  We have been talking about doing things in this area that is super spread out, and that the problem isn´t distance but is a lack of desire to sacrifice.  How can you sacrifice for the gospel?

Elder Sampson

P.S. What is the scripture on my plack on the wall?

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