Monday, February 17, 2014


This will be very breif this week!
So this week was okay.

Minis- People that are preparing to serve a mission that haven´t gone yet.  For example, Elder Andrade has been a member for 6 months or so.  He is incredible, but President Oliveira wants a different mini to come in and so Elder Andrade is being replaced on wednesday by someone else for a week and a half from Fogo.  I am sad about that and so is he, but we can´t do anything about it.  This week we worked on building up an inventory because elder naylor and I split so we have to find lots of new people.  It is slow work, but we have three or four baptisms this week.  We didn´t have any last week because it was stake conference. 
Church sunday was grand.  There were 8 of us, and 4 of them were missionaries.  It was good though.  It will be nice to have our branch back from a 2 day trip to an other island for stake conference.

We also went out to stregnthen recent converts a lot this week because we have been neglecting them.  It is hard when they live far away, but they need it. Distance is the biggest thing that holds this country back in every aspect.  It makes doing things the best way very slow.  It is okay though because the Lord knows what we need, and we have trials to help our faith.

Yeah.  Really Short. Sorry.

Go to the Temple.

And, pray to Make weak things strong unto you, Ether 12:27.  Then ACT to bring it to pass.
Elder Sampson

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