Monday, March 17, 2014


March 17, 2014

So this week was sweet.  Elder Sanchez and Elder Amador showed up.  I already knew elder amador, 
and elder sanchez, and they are good, but Elder Amador already left and he will be replaced by an other
Mini that has a calling for realz.  

Elder Sanchez is almost dead in the mission and he is from West Jordan.  I am a little bit tired of 
having comps from Utah, but what can you do?  It´s not like I get to choose.

So this week we walked around showing Elder Sanchez all of his investigators and stuff, and where 
everything is, and then on wednesday, we got a call.  We were planning on going to Mindelo on Friday
morning for our interviews with President Oliveira, but we were told that they were going to happen 
Thursday morning instead, so we went almost imidiately to the boat, and then stayed for a day, 
stayed for a day in Porto Novo the next day for district meeting and then finally got home two and
 a half days later.

Interviews with President Oliveira were Fantastic.  He is truely a man called of God.  The Lord and the 
Spirit have so much power when we let them work within us.  

I had an experience coming back where I was in a Haice (car sort of thing), and was sitting next to 
a man.  The spirit told me to talk to him and to share the gospel, so I started to talk, and he signaled
that he couldn´t hear.  Well, that was easy.  I tried.  Then the spirit said to share the Gospel with him.  
And so after praying a bit, and getting the courage to try again, I signaled to my journal asking if he 
knew how to read so we could talk a bit, and he signaled no.  Well, I tried.  That was all.  Then... 
The spirit said again so share the gospel with him.  Well, I didn´t know what to do, but I started 
praying, and came across an idea to finally give him a pass along card with a picture of Christ by 
the nephites.  I did so, and he pointed to the sky, showing he knew of the divinity of Christ, and the 
spirit testified of my knowledge that Jesus is the Christ.

I know that when the Lord tells us to do something, there is always a way.  It doesn´t matter what
 the world or others say or think.  There is always a way to do it.  

The Lord also blessed us this week in finding people that were ready to come to church and 
helping people even though we were gone most of the week.  It is amazing that the Lord works 
even when we aren´t around if we show our faith in Him.
I know that this Church Is True.
I hope all of you will begin to go and find Faith in Christ, because we all lack.  A lot.

Elder Sampson
P.S.  Happy Birthday Kelsey
p.p.s. congrats to Josh Card on his mission call to Mexico City South, August 6th.

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First, pictures below are Elder Sampson with Elder Duca and Elder Andrade (American Tie).

                                                                                                                                      Then, Elder Sampson 
with Elder De Pina and Elder Duca,  These are some stellar individuals.



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