Monday, March 10, 2014

This Week in the Sahara

This Week in the Sahara            March 10, 2014


Jared Sampson

to me
So, this week was strange which was normal.  This was the extention week transfer.  We did some
nice work during the week and then took a last minute trip to sao vicente for a meeting.

So, Update on Transfers.

I am serving with Elder Sanchez who is from utah and I already knew him.  He has been serving in 
Sao Vicente.  I am also still serving with Elder De Pina.  Elder Duca and Elder Naylor both went to 
Sao Vicente today which was sad, but I will still see them again. I am excited to stay here.  It is going 
to be good.  Also, Elder Lundeen is coming to Sao Vicente, so I will probably get to see him this week 
when we go to Sao Vicente.  

We have interviews with President this week, and everyone gets 10 mins, and is supposed to bring 
one question, and as a missionary there are many questions that are hard to answer so I have been 
pondering about what question I will ask.  It is a good question to ponder. If you had one question and 
10 mins to as Heavenly Father a question, what would it be?  That is pretty much the boat I am in 
because President Oliveira is the person that is the most Christ Like of any of the people I know 
personally.  Man.  He is rediculous.  He will be a general authority some day.  Litterally the only
reason the church runs in the country right now is because of the Lord working through him.  Crazy.

So this week, we did some nice street contacting.
We walked by a guy, and made a joke in saying hello, and then ran into him in a different place like 
10 mins later, and he used the same joke on us right after we finished saying a prayer to find people, 
and so we asked him for references, and he said he didn´t know anyone that needed more happiness,
 and so we asked him if he needed more happiness, and he said, clearly.  So we asked if we could
 talk for 5 mins, and he said 2.5 and so we sat down, then after 2.5 mins he didn´t want to stop, and 
so we talked for like 8 mins and invited him to be baptized and he said he would if he knows that it is 
true, and said he would search and pray.  It was awesome.

Then yesterday, we were doing contacts in the street to build our teaching inventory, when we walked 
up to a guy, and started talking about his life, and then when we found out that he plays guitar and
piano, told him that we need a pianist in our church and that he should join, and so now he is excited
to read the book of mormon, and we will talk with him again in a few days.  That reminds me of the
thing where the branch president wanted a chapel, and so he went to the phone book and called and
converted an archetect, plumber, electrcician, and everything else that he needed.  Sick.

So, this week´s thought is about Gratitude and Humility.  They are very important.  So, everyone 
that reads this should 1. Send me an email and say what you do to have humiliy and gratitude, and 
2. Tell One other person (they don´t have to know me) to also do the same thing.  That would help
 the work here a lot.  Also, if you want to help in the work in the world, send a missionary a scripture.  
Then we can use them when we teach people.  For exampe, Jill Hughes sent me a nice scripture 
that very much was a large factor in a baptism.  So... Do that to.

Elder Sampson
2 Attachments:  Me and Elder Naylor.
Thing I made at district meeting.
2 Attachments:  A picture of the sunset.
Our Baptism of Maria, Hernany, and Kelly, with Kéven doing the baptizing on the far right.

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