Monday, June 8, 2015

What a Wondrous Week


This week was a faith growing experience.  There are many blessings that we have, and we have to learn
 to be more dedicated to The Lords will in all times and in all things and in all places.

He Knows Best

As we pass through struggles, and dificulties and even times of great success, the best solution is to do
 our best to be like the Christ and leave the rest in His hands.  He knows what we need and what we can 
become.  He knows what we need to do and what we need to stop.  The Book of Mormon has a great power
to stregnthen our faith so that we can do that.

This week we found one of our investigators in the street.  We sat down with him right there because he 
is very difficult to find, and shared a few scriiptures with him from the Book of Mormon.  As we shared them, 
he asked us to write them down for him, and exclaimed that he never understood the book of Mormon and 
thought that it was completely different and that all people need to understand that.  What a great feeling to 
find someone who, at least to a certain extent, understands.  He felt it.  The spirit testified to him, and he 
went home and started reading for reals.  The Book of Mormon is true, and serves as a convincing power 
in these days.

It is so simple.

The World Needed A Restoration

God wanted to give it, but knew that His children would not all believe on the words of His new prophet.
He wanted to give them a way to exercise faith, and to find confidence.
What if He gave them more of the words of his forgotton prophets of old.
And, that is exactly what He did.
Let us become like little children and recieve the truth as taught from Heaven itself.

This last week I also got to talk with a few of my recent converts.  One of them, whom I havent spoken to 
since december of 2013, is my first baptism, Tony.  It was awesome to talk to him and hear about everything 
he is doing in the church, and his plans and stuff.  He is going strong, and that brought me great joy.

So yesterday were transfers.  I nor my companion were transfered.  But, our area is changing.  The area 
here is really struggling in general, and there has been a thought of opening the other big city, Tarrafal, on 
the other side of the island.  The last we heard is that it was decided that they were not going to do it 
anymore. (Last transfere they were going to send all 4 of us to open it, and then decided that it wouldn't 
work)  But, that changed, and we will take over the rest of this huge area, while Elder Willes and Elder 
Jarvis, who is coming in today to replace Elder Dos Santos, will be opening the other side of the island.  
It is going to be great.  We are all super excited.  Also, I am excited to see Elder Jarvis, because I haven't 
seen him since the day that we all showed up in this country.

The Lord Knows Best.  He gives us Power as a proof of our authority.  His work is true.  Like it says in D&C 3, 
it is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men.

June, being the month of invites, is a great time for all of us to join in the work of God, inviting at least 1 soul 
to come unto Christ each day.

Elder Sampson

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