Monday, June 1, 2015

Missing the Pumpkin Prophet


Jared Sampson

10:24 AM (5 hours ago)
to me

Editor's Note:  So it is true that Elder Perry was always associated with a pumpkin
in our family.  His wife was being honored at BYU many years ago.  She was in the Home-
coming parade and Elder Perry was sitting in the bleachers near us.  Groups were giving
him things.  One thing he got was a pumpkin.  At the end of the parade, he said he was
going to be in Provo all day and his pumpkin would just spoil in the hot car.  He asked
Lindsey if she wanted his pumpkin.  We have a picture of the two of them together.

Today will be very short because it is a holliday, and there is only 1 computer open in the whole city.
I was sad to hear about the death of out Pumpkin Prophet, Elder L. Tom Perry.  For those who have forgotten, 
or never knew why he is our Pumpkin Prophet, years and years ago as I recall he and his wife brought us 
some pumpkins that they had recieved at a parade in provo that they didnt want.  I am greatful for the 
dedication to the Gospel that he has demonstrated.

This week was a great changing week.  I think I have learned more in this last week than most other 
weeks of my mission.  I have found many answers that I needed.

I was studying this morning about Salvation, and how, in exaltation, we will sit down with Abraham, and 
Issac, Moses and Peter, Alma and Nephi, Joseph Smith and President Monson.  I asked myself a question 
that I would like you all to ponder.  How can I ever get up to the level of these noble and great ones?  I was 
devistated as I thought about it, until I remembered what is writted on a passalong card that we give out to 
lots of people.  Faith brings Hope.  Through faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ, Even I can be changed 
enough to be put away out of my sins and weakness, to be reclothed in power.  I dont know how, because 
I cant come anywhere close on my own, but it is possible throught the Atonement of Christ, because the 
Atonement is INFINATE.  It can cover EVERYTHING and not just right now but FOREVER.

I was setting goals for what I wanted to achieve in my life so that I could make subordinate goals as to 
what I want to achieve before the end of my mission, and I wrote, Be as much as possible like Christ.  
Then I paused.  I had a feeling of a deep decision.  It would be easy to just put down, Be like Christ.  
That would be easy.  I can make progress to be like Christ and strive to be like him.  That isnt a question.  
But I knew that in deciding that I would be as much like Christ as possible, I was setting myself up for 
consistant straining and pushing.  For time that I would fail, and for the hardest thing that I will ever do.  I 
had to decide what I would do, and not just decide with my mouth or with my pen, but with my whole soul.  
I pondered about if I could do it and if it was worth it.  Then, I realized that I have made that decision before.  
There was an offer for a first estate which I kept, given before this life.  All of us knew that we would have to 
give consistant straining and pushing, that we would fall flat on our faces over and over, that it would be hard 
and at some times we would ask if it was worth it. I chose right then.  And I chose right today.  And for ever 
I will have to choose again and again and again, and each of us will likewise have to do.  Will you give your 
all to follow Christ all of the time.  Will you sacrifice and strive, pray and plead, until throught the Atonement 
of Christ you are made to sit at His right hand.  His holy right hand of glory, pierced for your transgressions?

I know that this work is true, and happiness comes through repentance and spiritual progression.

This is all true.

Elder Sampson

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