Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What a week!

Dear Family and Friends,

To those who noticed, which may have only been my dear mother, it is tuesday, not monday.  Yesterday 
there was a huge party in my city.  Everyone was out on the street, and for the last week almost non stop 
there have been drummers playing in the street.  Constant noise for 8 days or so.  They just play the same 
beat of 4 seconds on loop for days.  I am happy that part is over.  There were horse races and stuff.  Way 
to much alchool, but other than that a pretty family friendly party, except that they were also technically `
worshiping` Saint Peter which is a big no no.  Everything was closed except the chinese stores, so we 
couldnt email.  I love the chinese.  The Chinese here in sao nicolau are better than in all the other islands 
because their isnt a huge seperation between them and the natives.  You dont really ever see the chinese 
and cape verdians just chatting in front of a store on any other island.  I love them.  

So, just a reminder, Please do not be materialistic.  The things you have doesnt matter nearly as much as 
who you are.  Dont let what you have get in the way of changing who you are through the atonement of 

Another thing.  Prioritys.  How far are you willing to go?  Are you willing to go the extra mile to help one 
in need.  The Lord answers our prayers.  Are you ready to go when he commands?

So this week we have been trying to keep everything from falling to the ground.  Like in high school when 
I was building a toothipick bridge.  The hardest part is getting a strong foundation.  Once it is built, it is way 
easier to get more and build higher.  Please pray for us.  We are still not solid, but if we are patient The 
Lord will do his work in his time.  There are so few people right now fighting for the right.  One of them is 
Alexandro.  On Wednesday, our group leader forgot to designate someone to teach institute, and didn't 
show up, but Alexandro jumped up to it.  He doesnt understand the scriptures super well, but he just puts 
his weaknesses behind him, and just goes for it.  What a man of faith.

He is also helping our only progressing investigator, Adilson, who has huge addiction problems.  He has 
some mental scars that come from years of bad choices and depression, and he is learning how to beat 
his addictions and to forgive.  Alexhandro is helping a ton, and he seeks to do stuff without being asked 
which is amazing.  He goes beyond the basic because of the changes that have happened in his life.

Our church was pretty normal, just without the other elders who opened tarrafal.  We dropped 2 people, f
rom 13 to 11 which is expectable because 2 left.
Tarrafal was a huge success!!!   We helped them move down on tuesday and get their house set up.  
The first sacrament meeting happened with 31 people!  They could bearly cram them into this tiny  room 
in their house.  One of the members that is less active that came was a man I rescued in one of my other 
areas who moved back here.  We are super excited.  They have the first baptism on saturday and Elder 
Barrus just fininshed his interview.  Pray for them too!!!

I know the church is true.  It is a fight.  But, Those who are with us are more those who are with them.

Elder Sampson

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