Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oceans of Fun

Hey.  I am not dead still.
Last Tuesday we got to hear from Richard G Scott in the first ever live international broadcast for the Tuesday night devotional.  He was very good.  We sang some music which was nice.  
We have mostly just been working on principle of the gospel and on learning the Language at the Same time.  Pretty much all the time is try to learn the language time.  We never pray or anything like that in English.  All of church was in Portuguese and we all had to prepare talks on perservar ate o fim or enduring to the end.  I didn't speak though.  Our first investigator became our second teacher and we got two new investigators, one of which we taught and is a bit less receptive and the other is more difficult but we haven't taught him yet.  That happens tomorrow.  
I ran in to Keith Evans at the temple in the morning.  He is the first person I know that I have seen outside the MTC but I am pretty sure I will see some more.
Today it is nice to wear normal people clothes for a change which is nice.  
Some of you may have heard but I got work done on my ingrown toe nail for the 4th time last Wednesday.  It is healing up nicely.  It is not bad pretty much at all so please don't send me saying something "Im sorry to hear about your toe, etc..." because it will probably be completely healed by then.  
I heard that school is upon people.  Haha. Public Education.  I remember that. Well good luck to all those who are embarking.
If Ethan Christensen or Eric Tessers are reading this my whole district (15 of us) want to try some elven bread, so you should send us some.
Other than that, please don't send me food (except for maybe vegetables or fruit drinks that aren't super sugary).  I am very grateful to all of you who have sent stuff, but we are very much sugared and snacked out.  We could live for weeks in our room off of all the food that has been sent.  If you want to send me something practical like a letter talking about what is happening in the worldly world or some febreeze, that could be good though.  It is really easy to send stuff via email or letters through Dearelder.com or something like that.  
Well, it is time to destroy some dirty laundry into the clean version.
I'm sorry that almost nothing epic happened, but that's life at the MTC.
Pray for all the Missionaries waiting on visas!

    Elder Sampson

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