Thursday, August 15, 2013

CTM Week 1

"I have killed him" -Elder Carle.  I know that you got my letter because I got three huge packages of food which we will enjoy for at least three days until it is gone. (JK, that food should last us like 3 weeks at the very least)  Everyone in my district that had some is very grateful.  Things move very fast here except that the days are rather long so everything sort of meshes together. 
Eu colega, Elder Lundeen, e muito bem. Eu amo ele. He is from Hurricane, Utah, right next to St George.  He is incredible.  He is picking up portuguese way faster that almost anyone else.  We have some sisters that already speak multiple languages fluently so they are really good too.  There are 8 Elders going to Cape Verde and 1 Sister as far as we can tell.  We haven't met the sister but I think we have seen everyone else at least once.  There are 6 of us in our zone I think.  Our district has just us two going to Cape Verde, then the two Zone leaders are going to Angola, and one sister is going to Mozambique, then everyone else, like 10 more, are going to Brazil.   We have the best District ever.  The Elders in our room are so awesome.  We are all best friends.
Wednesday, we just kind of went around and stuff and had meetings and then had some classes on teaching.
The Rest of the days I just pretty much had classes all the time.  We taught our first lesson in portuguese on Friday morning at 7:00, and another one on SaturdaySunday was pretty chill.  We taught another one yesterday, have today off for p-day then teach again still in portuguese tomorrow.  It is rough, but we just rely on the Spirit and everything goes okay. I can't wait until I am fluent.  We use every moment we can to learn the language.  It is super hard and frustrating but we make great progress and things come well.  My three years of spanish are both a blessing and a hinderance because some times I try to use spanish words instead of the slightly different one in portuguese.

If Possible, here is the stuff I need/would like you to send me:
1. I need a Pair of Jeans, and since I have to send those back the day I leave to Cape Verde, you might as well send me my vans too and I will send them back after the CTM (MTC in Portuguese).
2. I need a book with music lines on it.  You can get those at like any music store.  Just blank sheets of lined sheet music that I can write stuff on.
3. If I am sending stuff back, can you send me my tenor recorder too packaged very carefully and safely.  Maybe put present stuffing paper (the white thin stuff) in the case with it then wrap it like a present.  That's probably good.
4. I actually can't think of anything else.  I probably will think of something more by next week.  Thanks!

Make sure you put these letters up on the blog and that Lindsey shares the blog on my facebook every week.  My p-day is Tuesday. Besides the first day we were here, we can't send paper letters either except on Tuesday.  You can send letters to me any day though.  My District Leader, Elder Pexston, usually checks the mail for us like 3 times a day. 

Pictures Attached:
-Elder Tanner in the Happy Happy Happy Shirt
-Elder Lundeen in our room
-Elder Carle by the temple
-Our District because one sister, Sister Nielsen got her visa so she is going to the Brazil MTC. (Hundreds of people here were supposed to go to the Brazil MTC but don't have visas yet.  People get reassigned most of the time after their mtc time is up and do a transfer or two somewhere else before going to their mission)
-The Some of the People from our district saying thanks for the food!
So, That's it.  I am going to go do other worthwhile things now while my laundry dries.
    Elder Sampson Jr (Until Next Week when I lose the Jr).

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