Monday, April 13, 2015

I have a new Grandson!!!

Dear Family,

I just recieved news of an Elder Ryan who is being trained by Elder Wallace, so I have a new grandson.  Thats great. Im sure he is a boss.

I would like to invite everyone to watch this video

In this touching part, where the risen Lord asks peter three times if he loves Him, he answers, yea Lord.
Every time he confirms his conviction to his self and to his God.  I can only imagine the recommital of Peter to feed the Lords sheep.
In Christs church, he asks us the same question.  My child, lovest thou me?
We are invited to reaffirm our love to our Savior on a weekly basis.
As we partake of the emblems of the sacrament, we may ask what Christ himself could ask.  Lovest thou me?
If we affirm that, yea Lord, thou knowest that I love thee, we must, as Peter, take a new start and Feed His Sheep, proving to Him and to ourselves that we love Him.
That we love Him more that fishes.  That we love him more that fishing.  More than our friends, more than our jobs, more that our works, more than our own dreams.
In a world where fun and funny replace reverent and righeous, we need to remember that He asks us this probing question.  Lovest thou me?
I hope as we prepare to take the sacrament this week, we can ask ourselfs, and feel the silent warmth of the Holy Ghost letting us know that we truely do love Him.
The Holy Ghost is vital in knowing these things.  After we are asked by Moroni to pray and ask God if the book of mormon is true, he tells us that, By the Power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know that He Is.  I know that He is.  He lives and loves us.  He cares about us.
I had a guy in the street a few weeks ago ask us what is the difference between our God, and his God.  Why we were doing this missionary work, when he already believed in God.
I asked him if his god cared about the beer bottle in his hand.  That my God wants me to be free from the chains of sin.

I love you all!

This week was pretty trying, but I learned that you cant fix everything at once, and that if you choose a bit at a time, and base your happiness and sucess off of the achievement of the baby steps, you can get out of the Pit.  If you ignore the Holy Ghost, you shovel yourself a foot closer to the firey pit at the center of the earth.  But.  Simple acts of faith, leaving your comfort zone just enough can apply the grace of Christ.  God just expects our 100%, as my dear sister Lindsey shared with me a few weeks ago.  My 100% is different than yours.  The prophets is different than a recent converts.

This week we had no baptisms.  We moved them back so that more members of the family could be baptized together.  Understanding the implications of our belief that Familys can be together forever changes missionary work.

We are still working to get permission for Cris to be baptised.  They learned to fast with us this week.  The Lord will bless us.  Thank you for your prayers and sacrifices.

We had interviews with the mission president, and he came to our sacrament meeting.  61 people.  Our brand new building that is almost 100% functional will be our of space soon if we don´t slow down our progress.  Its a good thing that God´s work isnt restricted by money or space.  Remember it is the work of man that is frustrated, and not of God. D&C 3:3.

I love you all!

My imidiate family, please watch the bible video and give me some thoughts on the sacrament please.  Everyone else, I would love to hear of your experiences.
Mom and Dad, you are responsible to make sure that everyone watches it and writes me about it.

Good luck to those who are holding on.  As Elder Holland shared, hold on for a moment more, and you will find Christs hand.

Elder Sampson

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