Monday, January 13, 2014

Novo Ano (January 6, 2014)

Dear Everyone,

This week was an adventure.  But I´m pretty sure that the new year was like weeks ago.

We focused a lot this week in Povoação (which means village.  Origional name I know. Comparible to "Fig Tree Peackock" and "Tea of Rocks" which are also names of places) which is were we live.  We found two great knew investigators this week, Denise and Ana.

I will start at the beginning in the miricle of finding them.

So Benvindo (which is a name, and also means welcome) was drunk one day and told us to come into this bar area, and there were some other people, some sober, and others drunk, and one of those people was Yinick (unique) who is like 22.  We marked to go back there, but it was locked when we went back, then we ran into Yinick on the street (less drunk, but still a little) like 4 days later, and he told us where his house is, and so we went imidiately after talking with him to try to find the house.  We walked around for a long time and couldn´t find it, then wen´t home because it was late. The next day we got back from Riberão and tried to find the house again for 45 more mins, and finally found it, and he wasn´t there, but his mom, Ana, and cousin, Denise, were there, and Ana had read the pamphlet we had given them, and so we taught them, and they ended up coming to the baptism and to church which was fantastic, and they have tons of great questions because a lot of times people don´t like to ask questions.  Super sweet.  They are praying about baptism, and we will talk with them about it tonight.  My favorite question from them, "So can I be baptized in this church if I was already baptized in the Catholic church?"  Yes.   Yes you can.  We also talked a bit about how the catholic church´s baptism was an act of desire to do good but actually won´t do anything.  Sometimes rough but It went really well.

Also Cely showed up at the baptism.

Hodiairson was baptized and it was great.  These computers have problems, so next week I will try to send pictures from a different place.

So another miracle that happened this week involved curry.  So I made curry for lunch on saturday before the baptism, and I took a picture of it to send home because it looked legit, and then we got home from the baptism and one appointment, and I started to feel sick and so I stayed in bed for the rest of the day, but I knew that we needed to help a bunch of investigators get to church, and so I asked Heavenly Father for help to be able to just get them to church.  That night I took some medicine, and stuff, and had a long and miserable night.  I was going to take a picture of the curry the second time as a before and after shot from the other picture I took, but decided that it wasn´t very appealing the second time, then finally got about 2 hours of sleep from like 6-8 in the morning, got up, made it to church with our investigators, then the second I stepped off the car after church I felt sick again and went back home and slept.  I learned 2 things:

1. Cook the chicken all the way before you make curry.
2. The Lord Answers Prayers. (Obviously more important)

If you are doing the Lords work, and you want to be doing His work with all you might mind and stregnth, He will give you the ability to conquor.  To WIN.  My dearest Mother Shared with me a think that she is applying this year that is fantastic.  She is focusing more on Wholesome INtakes.  Or... WIN.  Let us all focus on this!  And also outtakes (out gives?) too.

Elder Sampson

Also, Elder Naylor and I are probably getting split this week as soon as President can find two solid minis to be our comps.

Elder Sampso

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